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We Support Your Ambition: Student Recruitment Manager Hannah Coe’s Clearing Instagram Takeover

ULaw Student Recruitment Manager Hannah Coe took over our Instagram account to answer all your Clearing questions. In case you missed this fun and informative event, we decided to capture the highlights here so everyone can make the most of her valuable advice.

By Cara Fielder. Published 30 August 2022. Last updated 30 August 2022.

What is Clearing?

Clearing is a fantastic process that universities and colleges use to fill any spaces they may have remaining on their courses before a September start. So, if you’re in school or college at the moment and you’re looking to start your first degree at The University of Law, then you can make an application through Clearing even if you haven’t already applied.

If you’re currently not holding any offers for universities or maybe you haven’t applied yet and now you’re reconsidering that, Clearing is the process for you.

You can use the UCAS website to explain it all in a bit more detail. Essentially, the process is finding out which universities and courses you would like to apply for and getting in contact with them. Most universities will have specific numbers you can call; ours is 0800 289 997. Talk to them about what your options are and the grades that you’ve achieved in the past. They’ll be able to tell you if they can offer you a place on their course.

Here at The University of Law, we are open for Clearing. If you are interested in any of our undergraduate courses in law, business, policing or criminology, we would absolutely love to hear from you.

I am from Pakistan, and I want to get admission to a bachelor’s degree. Can you guide me?

If you’re looking for admission to a bachelor’s course, you will want to apply via UCAS. As the standard application window has now closed, you’ll want to get in touch with us at The University of Law through Clearing. You can do that from Pakistan by calling +44 (0)1483 914 767.

Are there any bursaries or extra finance for low income students?

This is a really important question. Yes, we have loads of scholarships and bursaries available for students from low income backgrounds. You can see more info about them on our website, and you will need an offer from us to apply for them.

What is your policy about students from red list countries?

This is another great question. If you’re coming from a red list country to the UK for The University of Law, you will have to go into the ten day hotel quarantine, as per government guidelines. However, we do offer students some support during this process. This includes £1,000 off your tuition fees to help towards the costs of the quarantining in the red list hotels. This information is accurate at the time of the event and writing, but please contact us on 0800 289 997 for the most up-to-date information on Clearing through Covid.

Would I be at a disadvantage if I study a BTEC science or health and social rather than A-level?

We accept both BTECs and A-levels on our undergraduate courses. If you’re taking a full BTEC for our law courses, the entry requirements are DDM. Or, for any of our other courses, it’s DMM; but you’ll be fine with a BTEC.

Can I still be accepted onto a bachelor’s if I’ve taken a gap year?

Yes, we have absolutely no problems with you coming on our undergraduate courses having taken a gap year.

Can I still apply to the GDL through Clearing?

Yes, you can still apply to the GDL in September. It’s worth noting this is the last entry for the GDL. If you want to do the LPC, you have to have accepted your place on the GDL by the end of August.

If I have a conditional offer but don’t get any entry requirements, can I still attend university?

If you find on results day that you don’t get the entry requirements that you need, it’s still definitely worth giving us a call on 0800 289 997 because we might be able to offer you a slightly different course.


If you want to know more about joining ULaw through Clearing, visit our dedicated Clearing webpage.