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What can I do with a business management degree?

The University of Law Business School offers a wide range of business management degrees, some of which have a specific focus, such as law or marketing. But what jobs can you do with a business management degree, and what further study options can it lead to?

What to expect from a business management degree?

With a business management degree, you will develop knowledge and skills that will help to prepare you for a career in business that you can be used in any sector or industry. Business management degrees cover the fundamentals of business principles, data analytics, organisational effectiveness, relationship management and more. You will gain an understanding of how everything fits together as well as learning how to examine and understand all parts of a business including accounting, marketing, economics, operations, data, and managing people.

There is a wide variety of business management courses to choose from. With a degree as adaptable as business management, you can keep your options open. Business management courses help to build up a breadth of expertise, and as the course progresses you can focus on your interests. A business management degree is a good option if you want to become an entrepreneur, as you will learn everything you need to start your company and run it successfully.

If you finish your degree and decide that you don’t want to go directly into business management, you will have developed transferable skills that you are able to apply elsewhere; such as communication, teamwork, data analysis, problem-solving, presenting and leadership. This will leave you in a strong position as employers highly value these skills because they prepare you for a real business environment.

What does a business manager do?

Business managers are involved in all aspects of business management. The day might start by having external meetings with suppliers to negotiate contracts. The next meeting could be completely different with internal stakeholders revising financial budgets, future marketing strategies and so on.

Regularly meeting with the heads of other departments and defining successful business strategies for the company, business management is a very exciting job. While it does come with a certain level of pressure, it offers lots of satisfaction and it can often lead to a very rewarding salary.

Job options with a business management degree

There are an abundance of job options with a business management degree. During your business management degree, you will develop skill sets that are needed in small start-ups and large corporations, in both public and private sectors. Many employers often ask for business management degree graduates when hiring recruits due to the essential skills and knowledge they know these candidates will have developed during this degree.

Some of the typical roles that you could find yourself in include:

  • Business Analyst
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Account Manager
  • Management Consultant
  • Business Adviser
  • Chartered Management Accountant
  • Data Analyst
  • Retail Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Project Manager

However, for some of these professions you may have to do further studies and receive additional qualifications.

Further study options

You could continue further studies in marketing, computing, finance, human resources, international business management or law. Many postgraduate business courses are accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), so you will achieve an extra qualification to your degree.

In the year following the completion of your studies, Master’s business courses offer the option to take a placement year. Taking a placement year is a great opportunity to build your commercial awareness, experience and to understand what employers are looking for.

Work experience

There are many other options for gaining some experience during and after your studies, including summer internships and part-time roles. You can gain experience at university by taking roles in societies and a club membership to develop your team building, business and financial skills. Many universities offer career services and help their students to find work experience via various events, networking programs and group workshops.

Most universities have partnerships with companies, from local small businesses to multinational large corporations. They organise conferences, career fairs, virtual events and guest lecturers.

The University of Law offers business employability services to develop your business career by supporting you throughout your working life.

Business management courses with ULaw

Our business management degrees are CMI accredited and designed with employability in mind. Our experienced and accredited professors and tutors use modern teaching techniques and tools to develop all the skills you need to start a successful business career.

Please see our list of undergraduate business management courses:

On successful completion of their graduate studies, our business management students can move on to study a business master’s degree of their choice at no additional cost.


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