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Jill Dando Criminal Investigation Day

Are you considering a career in policing, criminology or law and want to learn more about the practical skills needed to carry out an investigation? Our forthcoming event, Criminal Investigation Day: The Jill Dando Unsolved Murder Case, is perfect for you. Today we’re looking at what will be included in this event and how you can join in.

By Cara Fielder. Published 7 October 2021. Last updated 21 November 2022.

The event will start with an introduction to the case. Jill Wendy Dando was a much-loved English journalist, television presenter and newsreader. Most of her work was featured on the BBC and she was best known for co-hosting the programme Crimewatch.

On 26 April 1999, Dando was shot dead outside her home. The murder received a huge amount of press attention and led to the biggest murder inquiry conducted by the Metropolitan Police.


Law Tutor and Barrister Emma Downing, London Policing Lead Jennifer Schmidt-Petersen and Senior Criminology Lecturer Luke Hubbard will all be sharing their expertise on the case.

With her extensive experience in the court room, Emma is leading the trial activity which includes cross examination and closing statements.

Jennifer Schmidt-Petersen will talk about cognitive bias and how police have developed ways to ensure they do not allow this to ruin an investigation. Jennifer will also talk about evidence-led policing and making judgements based on that evidence at that time.

Luke will discuss what we mean by ‘punishment’ and the criminal justice system with some real life case studies examining how different groups have been ‘punished’ for the crimes they have committed.

What will you do during the event?

  • Be introduced to the event and the facts of the case
  • Take part in an evidence workshop
  • Be the senior investigating officer (SIO) - find out what the role entails and what the ‘Murder Manual’ is.
  • Look at the evidence, suspects and motives behind the killing and learn how you would use the evidence in a trial.
  • Learn about the process of going through a court and how a trial works
  • Discover more about the roles of all the people involved in a criminal court case
  • Experience cross examination of witnesses
  • You will be placed on either the prosecution or defence team, where you’ll need to work together to create an effective case. Your closing statement will be delivered to the judge.
  • Feel what it’s like to have the fate of the accused in your hands.

Why you should attend

ULaw’s Senior Student Recruitment Manager Chloe Warsop says: “The Jill Dando case is fascinating due to her fame, popularity and the nature of her murder. She was killed outside her own home in London, on a busy street, in broad daylight.

The event will allow students to take the role of the Senior Investigating Officer, a criminal barrister in the trial and a criminologist as we review the impact of the media on how victims are portrayed in murder cases.

We will analyse the evidence, identify the key suspects and discover how, despite a conviction, the case remains unsolved.”

This unique opportunity will allow prospective students an insight into the different roles surrounding criminal proceedings. Sign up now for your chance to discover the perfect role for you.


We will be hosting our Criminal Investigation Day: The Jill Dando Unsolved Murder Case virtually on 27 October (10:00 - 12:00). Book your place on our events page now.