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Verdict is Out

The next edition of our Verdict Magazine, aimed at giving law students the inside track, is out. This special Pioneers edition sees us talking to a range of legal pioneers and innovators who continue to break down barriers in law and business.

By Editorial Team. Published 10 March 2020.. Last updated 24 November 2021 .

Hear from social media pioneers, Chrissie Wolfe and Eloise Skinner, who are paving the way for legal influencers. Their YouTube and Instagram channels are helping a new generation of lawyers.

Also featured are Dana Denis Smith, Toby Wilcocks and Mary Bonsor who are paving new paths for law and technology. Find out how Legal tech is bringing the law into the 2020s by taking a gig-economy model and applying it to sourcing paralegals, streamlining legal contract processes, and making the legal profession more flexible for workers.

Passion is most often the fuel for those wanting a legal career. This can especially be said for the legal activists in this issue of Verdict. Christina Millan talks socio-economic diversity in law, Yasmin Sheikh advocates for lawyers with physical disabilities. Harini Iyengar pours her passion into being a gender diversity voice in law and Jonathan Andrews wants to show the legal profession that those with neurodiversity can make the most impressive lawyers.

One of the biggest issues facing our world today is our quickly changing climate. Wynne Lawrence has been campaigning for environmental law since before Greta and Extinction Rebellion, to ensure we have a planet for our children to live on. In this issue, she explains how climate change will effect business and the law.

Read Pionneers & Innovators Special, the issue #5 of Verdict magazine.