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Introducing our MSc Psychology

For the first time, we’re now offering an MSc in Psychology. But what careers can an MSc in psychology lead to and who will it appeal to? We sat down with our Head of Psychology, Julie Prescott, to learn everything there is to know about the course.

By Cara Fielder. Published 4 May 2022. Last updated 6 June 2023.

The MSc Psychology conversion course is for anyone interested in studying psychology who has a degree in another discipline. It opens the door to a career in psychology or a career where psychology is important, such as in HR, marketing, business, or education. The course develops several transferable skills sought after by employers, notably research methods and statistics knowledge. You will also develop your written and presentation skills, disseminating research and knowledge via a variety of assessment methods, including vlogs, reports and through reflection. 

I chose to study psychology because I thought it was an interesting subject (I still do). My studies led me to a research career in academia and with Merseyside police before becoming a lecturer, Reader in Psychology, and then to my current role as Head of Psychology at the University of Law. 

Psychology is a very transferable course. Not only is it an interesting and diverse course (yes, I am biased) but it is great for people unsure of what they want to go into but considering a career working with and/or helping people. The course covers so many aspects of psychology students may not even be aware of. This may develop in them an interest in a career they had never previously thought about. Psychology can be used in lots of careers, and you can specialise in several areas – the British Psychological Society (BPS) divisions are forensic, sports, educational, health, clinical, occupational, counselling and neuro, as well as the teaching and research division.

The MSc Psychology covers all the key areas required by the BPS, social, cognitive, neuroscience, personality, individual differences, and developmental, as well as research methods and how to conduct empirical research. We have a variety of assessments to engage students which allows them to be creatively measured on their knowledge and skills. Assessments include vlogs, educational leaflets, poster presentations, reflections, and case study assignments. The course will consider your background and experiences and help you develop your skills and interests in a bespoke way. We’ll also bring in the experiences of people that have worked in a psychological setting or research with external organisations to provide students with real world examples as much as possible.

Psychology is everywhere; the workplace, relationships, the self - everywhere. People utilise psychology in all aspects of their lives, for example, in developing computer games, in shops, and in the classroom. I have worked with a computer games company, Fabrik Games, for the content in a VR game for instance. The pandemic has increased people’s self-awareness of how social humans are, we generally want to interact with others. It has also brought to the forefront the importance of psychological health and wellbeing, resulting in more people and workplaces considering how to better support people’s emotional welfare.

Psychology is a research discipline. This excites me. I love research and I have a background as a researcher. My current research focuses on how digital innovations can support people’s emotional and mental wellbeing. There are several sections within the BPS, including the Cyberpsychology section, of which I am a member. The discipline of psychology is forever changing and developing, recognising important topics and matters current for people today.

The MSc Psychology is a course with a strong employability focus and support throughout. The University of Law has an established employability focus, encouraging and supporting students throughout their studies to perform their best. Students will be supported throughout their studies by a team of experienced academics, with links across numerous sectors. Students will also be supported by the Employability Team at the University in a very bespoke way.

Studying psychology is so varied, and you will find your niche. It is an interesting topic; you will be applying the theory and knowledge in many aspects of your lives and observations of others (psychologists tend to be great people watchers). You don’t know where it will take you in terms of your career, but I am sure it will be an interesting one.


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