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We Support Your Ambition: Youngui Kemoko

At The University of Law, we pride ourselves on providing smaller class sizes so you can have more time with your tutor and ask the questions you need to. One of our students who has appreciated this is Youngui Kemoko, who’s studying the LLB at our Birmingham campus. Inspired by her friends and tutors, she’s looking forward to a career in law and hopes to run her own firm as well as helping the community through her work.

By Cara Fielder. Published 3 April 2020. Last updated 5 January 2022.

The way the University of Law structures their courses is what really sets them apart from other universities. The workshops are a lot more intimate and you're given the opportunity to immediately apply the skills from the large groups, in the workshops. Additionally, the fact that we can ask questions or get given activities throughout the large groups has really helped me understand things from a different perspective, as opposed to just from the lecturer, because although I may understand what has been said by the lecturer, sometimes having a fellow student spell things out from their perspective really does help.

I picked the Birmingham ULaw’s Campus simply because it was a lot more convenient, as it is a 20 minute tram journey from where I live.  We are close to a lot of things such as the city centre, jewellery quarter, and the fact that we're right opposite a supermarket just makes things that much easier.

By going to different open days at other universities and seeing a sample of the way they teach has really highlighted a huge difference in ULaw's teachings, as it is VERY different. Different in a sense that, it is a lot more inclusive and a lot more interesting. I like the fact that we learn the relevant parts of the history of law in certain areas as opposed to an overwhelming amount that is not needed. In addition, the fact that there is a huge focus on the law at present day and the more practical skills required in becoming a solicitor really does showcases the teaching methods to be great.

I cannot imagine myself in any other university studying law. Although the subject itself is challenging, as would any law degree at any uni would be, this university makes you feel like, you know what, I can accept this challenge and come out on top of it.

Shaid Parveen and Amanda Powell are my favourite tutors at ULaw. What’s inspiring about Shaid is that despite us studying a difficult subject, she makes us believe it’s simple and achievable as long as we put the work in. Also, she's very humorous, which has made the experience of being in uni all the better because she demonstrates that even though you're studying something hard, you can still enjoy it. And what is inspiring about Amanda Powell is the fact that she's always there to help whenever she can.

I thought the saying ‘you meet your lifetime friends in University’ was really cliché but making friends with people on my course has really made it a lot more enjoyable, because of the humour and the support that we give each other. It's as if this university has collected the nicest students and put them all into one building, which is what makes the first time meeting people so much easier.

I can definitely see myself having a successful long-term career in law. I also see myself having my own law firm. Not only that, an ambition of mine is to help the community in any way I can, but not just as a one-off but something consistent.

ULaw has set me up firstly by giving me so many opportunities from law fairs to employability days and pro-bono. The university really showcases that, as much as the market in law may be competitive, there are so many opportunities that they offer help career wise.

At the beginning of the semester, I decided to go to the Employability Services Team to get some more information on doing pro-bono work, what it was all about and how to sign up. It has benefitted me by giving me hands-on experience and  I am now thinking of signing up to do some as well as possibly some article writing.

The advice I would give to anyone considering ULaw is simply not to stress. Put your personality and your character into your personal statement, and if you are genuine about the course that you want to study, then you'll stand a good chance. The University’s high student satisfaction rating comes from the support we get from the university as well as the ULaw experience as a whole.


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