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The super flexible benefits of our Study Guarantee

To allow our students to study in confidence from January 2022 no matter what changes Covid may bring, we’ve extended the ULaw Study Guarantee. But what does our Study Guarantee mean and how can it help you? We talk to Director of Operational Delivery Laura Leadsom to learn more.

Our super flexible Study Guarantee gives you a number of options when you join us to study your course.

With some uncertainty still surrounding the pandemic under the Study Guarantee applicants will have the chance to study through live streaming. This means there is still an option for you to continue your studies if our campuses need to close or if you cannot make it to campus.

We also have a full range of dedicated online programmes. You may decide you would rather have the certainty of starting and continuing your programme online. If you have already applied for one of our on-campus programmes but would like to transfer to an online programme, contact the Admissions Team and they will be able to help.

LPC and Visa sponsored students may only opt-in for Covid-19 related reasons.

We have introduced the Study Guarantee to provide greater assurance and flexibility for our face-to-face students during the uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

Live streaming is intended for those who would prefer to study most of their programme on campus but may be delayed in starting their programme or need to study virtually as circumstances dictate. As a rule, we assume that live streaming will be a temporary option. If you would like to study most of your course as an online programme you should consider our online portfolio. If you are an LPC or international student, you will need to provide a Covid-19 related reason for opting in to live streaming.

Most other universities do not provide their students with the flexibility to choose and move between live streaming and face-to-face on-campus attendance. Students are typically told how they will be taught.

The health and safety of our students is our priority. Our aim is to make sure you can continue to enjoy your studies without any concerns. Government guidance is continually changing, and we are following this closely.

These are some of the measures in place at our ULaw UK campuses:

  • All students, staff, and visitors must wear face coverings at all times on campus out of respect for each other and to reduce transmission. When teaching, tutors wear transparent face coverings. Face coverings are available at reception, or you can wear your own. There are exemptions covering the wearing of face coverings for medical reasons. There are circumstances where people are not expected to wear face coverings that we need to be mindful and respectful of. Reasons include but are not limited to those outlined here.
  • Enhanced cleaning throughout the campus using antiviral cleaning products.
  • Sanitiser stations throughout campuses.
  • Wipes and cleaning products are available at touchpoints such as printers.
  • All occupied spaces are well ventilated.
  • Covid-19 rapid test facilities and home testing kits are available.
  • Perspex screens to protect students and staff in key areas such as receptions, libraries and student services areas.

Beyond these on-campus safety measures, the Study Guarantee provides an additional layer of flexibility. If students feel uncomfortable about attending on-campus for a period of time, they can opt into live-streamed sessions and attend remotely.

The pandemic has impacted all our lives. Still, with the safety measures we have put in place and the added flexibility we have added through the Study Guarantee, there is no reason to let the pandemic disrupt your career ambitions.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the ULaw Business School Marco Mongiello added, “We know that sometimes business school students may be confronted by unexpected challenges or come across opportunities which may disrupt their study plans. In fact, it is essential to developing your business acumen and skills that you scout for opportunities and that you take challenges full on. Our Study Guarantee, allows you to adapt to changes in circumstances and keep on track with your studies.This is yet another way for us to support your career development.”


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