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We Support Your Ambition: Jason Nicholson

We’re proud of the work our staff do to help prepare students for the working world, and this extends beyond just the academics. The University of Law is passionate about offering students the support they need, both in and out of the classroom. Jason Nicholson is into his second year of the three year full-time LLB at our London Bloomsbury campus. He plans to complete his LLB and go on to qualify as a solicitor before joining a big insurance firm such as Chubb or Lloyd’s of London as an insurance lawyer.

By Editorial Team. Published 29 March 2019. Last updated 11 January 2023.

For me, choosing to study at The University of Law came down to reputation. Many alumni like Sadiq Khan, Dr Miranda Brawn and former Dragon's Den investor Piers Linney, have attended The University of Law, so picking this university was very easy due to the University's alumni history.

During my first year I received loads of support from ULaw staff and tutors. In particular, tutors Sarah Corbett, Salome Verrell, Max Alavy and Careers Consultant Dawn Farrow, who advised me on my CV. She helped me restructure my CV so that I could send this out to Westminster's Citizen Advice, where I got a voluntary job as a Gateway assessor helping people. I think the most significant help I received was from Sarah Hall in Student Services; she has shown me a simple law structure which has given me higher grades and that I will use throughout my law career.

My time at The University of Law is giving me so much more than the practical skills needed for the course. Not only have I started to develop skills in legal writing and research, but the friendships I’ve built, and hope to continue growing, have made it all a great experience.

I think there are three things that are fundamental for people starting a law course, whatever level of skills you possess:
•Look at the study skills section on ELITE (ULaw’s online student hub) and slowly work your way through them
•Make sure you organise your folders effectively, and don’t leave them at home
•Contact the Employability Services team to find out how you can get the best out of your time at university after Freshers' Week

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