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Five reasons to study education

Whether it’s traditional schooling, college and university education, or workplace training, we have all experienced and benefited from education. It plays a fundamental part in all of our lives. As a result, studying education can be a rewarding experience not only for those hoping to become teachers, but also for those who wish to understand the education system and want to work to improve it. Below, we explore some of the benefits of studying education and the skills you’ll gain from doing so.

By Grant Longstaff. Published 29 March 2023.

Education is a well-rounded subject

Studying education isn’t just about discovering new teaching strategies and assessment methods. You’ll never effectively overcome the challenges faced by learners without first understanding how education is shaped by social, cultural, and political factors. As a result, an education degree will also cover areas such as psychology, history, and sociology, to help you take a holistic approach to teaching. Educators aren’t just responsible for sharing their knowledge, they can influence and shape their students’ lives, and recognising and understanding the whole picture helps greatly in achieving this.

Studying education is interactive

Learning and teaching are interactive and so it makes sense for an education course to reflect this. A good education course will therefore involve lots of interaction and conversation, healthy debate, group work, practical activities, and presentations. Just like your future learners, you’ll learn by doing. You may also be given the opportunity to observe your peers in order to promote and share best practices. The development of teamwork and communication cannot be underestimated and will be desirable in many workplaces, regardless of where your career may lead.

Further study options

Once you’ve completed your course you may wish to continue your education and explore other career options. If you’ve completed your PGCE and have been working as a teacher, then a MA in education could help you take the next step into school management. We also offer an MA in Higher Education Administration, Management and Leadership for those looking to work within further and higher education. Depending on your field of work, your employer may offer the opportunity to gain further qualifications in their industry specific area. You could consider qualifications in counselling to help support students’ wellbeing, or work towards a qualification in careers guidance to become a careers adviser. There could even be the option of studying towards a PhD. The possibilities are endless.

Job opportunities

The skills you gain from studying education will make you a desirable candidate for many employers, both within education and beyond. Perhaps your heart is set on becoming a teacher or further education tutor. Or, outside the world of traditional education, you could consider a role within workplace training, explore the role of a private tutor or consider work in a library or museum setting. Take a look at our list of just some of the career options within education and see if there’s anything which interests you.

It’s a rewarding career

We all remember our favourite teachers, even if they never fully realise the effect they had on us. There will be many rewarding moments in your career, regardless of where your education qualification takes you. As an educator, you’ll have the power to not only share your knowledge and skills with others but to make a positive impact on their lives. Making a difference, even a small one, can change their future for the better.


If you’re interested in working within further and higher education, or want to advance your career, consider our MA in Higher Education Administration, Management and Leadership. Alternatively, consider our MA Education and take the first step towards making a difference today.