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What can I do with a computer science degree?

Do you want to inform change within the healthcare system through computer-led research? Develop a game engine? Train artificial intelligence? In an ever expanding field such as computer science the scope of employment opportunities for graduates can be overwhelming. Below, we highlight some of the careers you could pursue with a degree in computer science and discuss how you can figure out what path best suits you.

By Grant Longstaff. Published 27 June 2023.

Software engineer

Are you a keen and motivated problem solver? Software engineers are responsible for designing and developing computer programs, websites, and apps. You’ll use your skills to address complex problems through science and mathematics, design, test, and improve hardware and software, and write and test codes.

Cyber security analyst

The digital space is full of threats. Cyber security analysts keep us, and our personal information, safe from hackers and criminals by using technology to test, detect, and prevent cyber-attacks. This is the job for you if you want to build and maintain systems to protect information.

Game developer

Gaming is a multibillion dollar industry which continues to grow. Games designers will work on the development and production of games for consoles, PCs, smartphones, and tablets. To work in this arena you’ll need creative flair and programming skills in programs such as C++.

UX Designer

Have you ever wondered why some websites are more user-friendly than others? User Experience (UX) designers examine and work to improve the experience users have on a website or app. You’ll need to think imaginatively to improve and continually develop strategies to keep users coming back for more.

Web developer

Web developers are responsible for designing and creating websites. You’ll need to know a variety of programming languages, such as JavaScript or PHP, and you’ll use these to write and optimise code. If you want to help improve an organisation's web presence, this role could be for you.

IT project manager

If organisation is more your thing then you could consider a career in IT project management. IT project managers oversee the technological needs and demands of an organisation. From budget to workload and everything in between, you’ll have to do it all.

App developer

We use apps for everything from personal wellbeing and fitness to journaling and photo editing, but we rarely think about the team behind them. App developers design, create and maintain the applications we rely on and enjoy every day.

AI engineer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a part of everyday life. AI Engineers are the humans behind the machines, creating the algorithms and learning systems that guide the robots which can work for us. The perfect role for those who want to help shape our mechanical peers.

Forensic computer analyst

As technology develops and grows, so does the threat of cybercrime. Forensic computer analysts use their skills to investigate and prevent these illegal activities. You could work within the police service, a computer forensics organisation, or industries such as business and finance.

Choosing what is right for you

This list is by no means exhaustive, there are many other roles and areas of work you could consider, but hopefully, it has provided some food for thought. A computer science degree will leave you with a wealth of skills which will prepare you for a variety of career paths. You can also read our interview with Dr Paul Sant, our head of Computer Science, for more ideas about where a computer science degree could lead.

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing what it is you want to do, it can also help to think about what interests you. For example, if you’re a gamer it might seem the obvious choice to look for a role within game design. That said, you will find roles and industries can intersect. You could work as an AI engineer for a construction company or law firm. The gaming industry will need UX designers and security analysts. Media companies need app designers and IT managers.

Remember, wherever your interests lie, so too will computer science. The possibilities are endless.


Whether you’re an undergraduate looking to study our BSc (Hons) Computer Science, or considering a career change through our MSc Computer Science (Conversion), we have you covered.