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Top 5 reasons to study in Leeds

Located in West Yorkshire, Northern England, Leeds is known for its rich culture and fun atmosphere. With everything from vibrant nightlife to unique historic artefacts, the city’s undoubted charm attracts people with a wide range of interests. To celebrate our Leeds campus, we have compiled the top five reasons to study in Leeds.

By Elena Carruthers. Published 11 May 2022. Last updated 11 January 2023.


Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen

If you are looking for somewhere fun and non-conventional to go for food, look no further. Here at Belgrave Music Hall & Canteen, you can get your fix of food whether it be pizza, burgers or pies you are craving. The unique twist of this venue is that customers can enjoy a lunch out with the added ambience of live music and art.

Upcoming events at Belgrave Music Hall include music from Novelist and Nick Waterhouse, and for those wanting a more interactive and artsy experience, a class in making your own candle holder, among other quirky workshops.

From Belgrave Hall’s iconic rooftop, onlookers can soak up a spectacular view of the city on sunny days and particularly at sunset, while lounging around in the deckchairs.

Escape from reality at Tropical World

For an exotic day out, head down to Tropical World and get a taste of life in the jungle. Many students may not be financially equipped to jet over to Costa Rica, so why not enjoy the next best thing? Tropical World is home to many exotic creatures and features an aquarium as well as designated areas for desert and rainforest animals. Visitors can also head up to the Rainforest Canopy and enjoy a birds-eye view of the unique sights.

Tickets can be booked online for just £7.60, and the venue is accessible both by car and public transport.

Hyde Park Picture House

Leeds is famous for being where the world’s first ever moving pictures were shot in 1888. As such, the city is understandably proud of its contribution to the film industry and modern media. Hyde Park Picture House continues this legacy, showing screenings of current mainstream films as well as independent and classic movies.

Hyde Park Picture House is now also on the road, taking to this innovative new approach during the covid lockdowns. They currently show films at three different venues across Leeds: Leeds University Union, Heart Centre and the City Varieties Music Hall. Students can enjoy discounted ticket prices when signing up for free to be a member.

Enjoy a night out on the town

Leeds is known for its lively and affordable nightlife scene. Many students take part in the Otley Run, known as the biggest bar crawl in Leeds. The run starts at Woodies Ale House in Headingley and progresses into the town centre spanning 16 different bars. A fantastic opportunity to meet new friends, dress up, and have a laugh; Otley Run is a must for students in Leeds.

Other nightlife hotspots include the unique video game-themed Pixel Bar. Here, customers can enjoy a cocktail and a game with friends, perhaps for those nights when going out clubbing seems too much but staying inside seems too little. For the clubbing fans, Leeds is home to a trusty Pryzm as well as the more underground Wire nightclub which hosts events across various music genres including indie, pop, and numerous free parties.

Treasures of the Brotherton

Brotherton Gallery is a public exhibition housed by The University of Leeds and is home to some striking artifacts from original material written by the Brontë’s to William Shakespeare’s 1623 first folio. The museum has free entry and hosts a range of events including hands-on crafting activities and guided tours. The exhibition is a testament to some of the greatest writers and artists throughout history and is a wonderful place to stimulate creativity and be inspired.


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