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How to Survive Your Christmas Revision Break

The Christmas break usually signals a time of festive cheer. Plenty of time to relax, catch up with family and friends and gorge on mince pies… unless, of course, you’re a law student with exams looming, in which case you’re likely to be thinking about work, work, work.

By Editorial Team. Published 15 December 2015.. Last updated 29 January 2020.

Fear not – you can still revise and enjoy some festive fun. Our five tips below will show you how you can study and still have time to deck the halls.

1. Make a plan

Create a study timetable to map out what subject area you’re going to study and when. Give yourself realistic slices of time in which to study: will you focus best for half-an-hour, or an hour? Leave your favourite subjects until the end of each day; get those subjects that are more challenging out of the way first. That way, you’ll get the hardest material out of the way first and you’ll have something to look forward to each day.

2. Test your knowledge

Give yourself timed tests and quizzes on your subject material to check what information you’ve retained and what you need to go over again. Not only do short quizzes help you to focus on the right material, but they also get you used to answering questions in exam-like conditions. Try a test at the end of each day – and you can even give yourself a little reward for getting everything right.

3. Share the pain

You don’t need to hide yourself away to revise. If you live near some of your course mates, organise a couple of group study sessions. Revising over a coffee or two with friends can provide a welcome change of pace from hitting the books by yourself.  Don’t live near your course mates? Then organise a virtual session over Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangouts.

4. Treat yourself, take a break

It’s important to take a few breaks to help you rest and recharge. Make sure you take time out during the day to eat and get some fresh air. In the evenings go and see your friends and family for some festive cheer, as long you can still get home early enough for a good brain-boosting sleep before the next day of work arrives.

5. Dream a bit

Finally, if you’re feeling annoyed because you’re working and the rest of the family is downstairs watching a Christmas TV marathon, think of the bigger picture: short-term pain, long-term gain. Your hard work won’t last forever, but it will be worth it. For a motivational boost, visualise yourself enjoying your successful career whenever you sit down to revise. It may sound crazy, but it works.

If you still need help relaxing, have a look at some of these techniques.

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