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My Clearing experience: An interview with Amber Crain

Current student Amber Crain is studying the LLB at our Guildford campus after coming through Clearing in 2017. When we posted a request for students Clearing stories on our Instagram, Amber kindly reached out to share her experience and help people who are considering ULaw as their Clearing option.

By Cara Fielder. Published 17 August 2021. Last updated 24 March 2023.

I applied to ULaw through Clearing in 2017 as I wanted to change university and course. I found the experience to be a little daunting at first but, once I got the hang of it, it was quite simple. I applied in late July and started in mid-August, so I felt quite overwhelmed about issues such as sorting student finance and transport to the campus. However, the team at ULaw were all very helpful and guided me through it one step at a time.

I used UCAS to look at potential Clearing places. To begin with, I researched potential courses around Guildford as I already had accommodation in place for the academic year and didn’t want to move to a university that was too far away for me to attend lectures. I had already been at university in Guildford for a year prior to wanting to change, and knew where ULaw was, so thought I would see if they had any spaces available for me. Fortunately they did.

I chose to study at ULaw because of the academic and employability support it makes available to students. This is something my previous university, in my opinion, didn’t offer at a high enough standard. I also decided to study at ULaw as I was drawn to the modules and content available to me on the LLB course, and once I saw a photo of the Guildford campus, my mind was made up.

I found out I had been accepted within 24 hours of applying, which was a huge relief to me. During the week that followed, I was in regular contact with the ULaw team, through both phone calls and emails. Every person I spoke to was extremely helpful to me and helped to calm my nerves. I wasn’t made to feel silly for asking a lot of questions and I was made to feel like I was fully prepared for starting at the University.

I was really grateful for the support from the Student Services Team, especially when rearranging my student finance. They didn’t mind sending me the information I needed and were really very helpful at a time which was quite stressful for me, but I entered the course feeling confident that everything needed was in place.

Applying to ULaw through Clearing was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It worked out incredibly well for me and I’ve joined a course supported by fantastic tutors and made some great friends who I wouldn’t have met had I not applied. Although the process, at first, seemed a little daunting, it was definitely one of the best decisions that I’ve made regarding my education. I find the staff fantastic, the course engaging and the campus is beautiful. I would honestly recommend the University to anyone who wants to study law as the academic and employability support students receive is second to none.

I did not know what I wanted to be before I applied to ULaw but now I would like to work in a management role within the NHS when I graduate. My law degree will be relevant to this in lots of different ways. I hope I will be successful in whatever I choose to do after graduation, as studying the LLB has given me lots of opportunities I may not have previously considered.

My top tips for students coming through Clearing are:

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Make sure you have a rough idea what you would like to study
  • Make sure information such as exam grades are available to you
  • Make the most of every opportunity you are given

My proudest achievement since starting this course has been the amount of self-confidence I have developed. Before starting this course I was very shy and the course has really brought me out of my shell.


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