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How to make the most out of the Psychology Networking Fair

Networking is a fun and effective way of taking your professional development to the next level. It is never too early to begin networking – and you never know what opportunities may arise as a result. Here, we offer some top tips for making the most out of our upcoming virtual Psychology Networking Fair.

By Elena Carruthers. Published 27 September 2023.

Our upcoming networking fair offers a dynamic schedule delving into all-things psychology. Sessions include ‘Why Convert to Psychology?’, ‘Research and Psychology’, and talks on becoming a charted psychologist. You can expect to hear from various exhibitors within the sector including Headway and Northpoint (Leeds) as well as hearing from our Psychology Lecturer, Jonny Dudley.

Take a look at the exhibitors

This may sound like an obvious move, but be sure to look at which employers are attending the event prior to the day. It is helpful to align this with your career aspirations and to ensure that you take away some valuable insights from the day. You will of course have the option to attend multiple booths, so are not limited to only one. Checking out the speakers ahead of time may also inspire you to do some extra research in those areas and write down any questions you come up with from this.

Think about your academic and professional goals

Another way to make sure you are getting the most out of the Networking Fair is to break down your goals in order of priority. For example, you might be keen on securing work experience and then going on to pursue further education/training. For those set on becoming a chartered psychologist, you may wish to learn more about the process and its various pathways. You will also have the opportunity to learn more about our Psychology conversion course and how our study options can help you achieve your chosen career.

Plan ahead

Although the event is virtual, it’s important to ensure you are organised ahead of time. This means making sure you have a notepad and pen for making any notes, a list of any particular questions you might have and the speakers you are most interested in, and any other resources to hand that will help you to get the most out of the experience. Additionally, ensure that your Wi-Fi is working properly and that you have a suitable workspace where you can sit comfortably and engage with the event.

Immerse yourself

Be sure to immerse yourself in the experience and to enjoy it. Networking events are an excellent opportunity to meet new people, reflect on your own ambitions and career path, and put yourself out there. Where it isn’t possible to speak up during a session, make use of the chat feature to ask questions and connect with other attendees. You never know, something you say or ask may open up an interesting discussion or debate. This will help you not only to gain more value from the session, but also demonstrate to potential employers that you are willing and engaged.

Be your best self

Make sure you are on top form so you can make a great first impression. As well as being confident and communicative, make sure you look the part too. It can be easy to forget about looking professional when attending virtual events but looking presentable will help you to not only look like a professional but feel like one. To make sure you feel in your best shape mentally too, consider doing some mindfulness or meditation ahead of the event so that you feel calm and composed.

Stay proactive

Following the event, be sure to stay proactive by connecting with any employers of interest either through social media or reaching out directly. You may also want to start preparing for any future job applications or looking into seeking relevant work experience, particularly if the exhibitors mention a role of interest, all of which our Employability team can support you with.


Learn more about what you can expect from the event and details on how to sign up for the Psychology Networking Fair.