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Top tips for Freshers’ Week

Freshers’ Week is almost upon us and a new generation of students will get their first taste of university life. It can be a daunting time and with so much happening it can be difficult to prioritise people, places and financial choices. We’ve put together a list of top tips to help new students make the most of Freshers’ Week and start their university life as they mean to go on.

By Editorial Team. Published 14 September 2018. Last updated 20 November 2020.

Be social

Freshers’ Week is the perfect time to get out there and make new friends. Everyone will be in the same situation as you so don’t be scared to throw yourself in.

Go for a wander

This is the perfect time to get to know your surroundings without the rush of getting to a class on time. Go for a walk of the campus or centre to make sure you know where everything is and when you need to go for your first real day of lessons. Expand out from there to include places to eat, shop, relax and don’t forget to include a new doctor’s surgery.

Don’t miss the Freshers’ Fair – Freshers’ Fairs are packed with useful information and are a great place to make new friends and connections. They’re a great chance to check out all the societies you can join as well as sign up for extracurricular activities. Freshers’ Fairs are also the perfect place to pick up a selection of freebies so don’t miss out on picking up enough free pens that you don’t have to buy any for the rest of the year.

Sign up to clubs and societies

So you’ve seen what’s on offer at the Freshers’ Fair, now is the time to sign up. Clubs and societies are a great way to meet like-minded people and nurture your passions (whether curricular or not). If they’re based around a future career path then they’ll also have a really positive impact on your CV.

Set yourself a budget

With so many great events happening during Freshers’ Week it’s easy to overspend. Take a look at your income and outgoings to set yourself a budget before you get too far into your first term. This will help you avoid you living off plain pasta for the last month of each term and make sure you can still afford nights out and special events. Even if you calculate that you can’t afford to do everything you want then you’ll know right away that you need to start looking for part-time work.

Sign up for your UNiDAYS and NUS discounts

High street and internet discounts are available to all students with a university email address through NUS and UNiDays. Sign up for an NUS card and download the UNiDAYS app on your phone to enjoy discounts with big brand such as ASOS, The Co-Op, National Express, Amazon Prime and many, many more. These discounts can really add up so keep an eye on the offers and shop smart to make a real saving.

Look after yourself

Self-care at university is a must; sign up for a doctors, don’t get TOO drunk (you don’t want to be the revoltingly drunk person everyone avoids or get so drunk you can’t go out for the rest of the week) and if you’re missing home then make sure you put some time aside to have a real face-time chat or phone call. When you’re out and about never leave your drink unattended and only use licenced taxis.

Enjoy it

Freshers’ Week is all about throwing yourself in and making the most of the opportunities available. Be open to people as well as possibilities and you’ll be settle into your new university life in no time at all.


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