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Future proof your career with an MSc in Project Management

International Project Management Day on 2 November is a day dedicated to highlighting and celebrating the value of projects and appreciating the important role that project managers play in our organisations. With this in mind, we’ve put together a few reasons as to why you should consider studying for an MSc in Project Management with us and how we can help you future proof your career.

By Elsa Tatam. Published 2 November 2023.


Demand for Project Managers will only increase

Our business Masters in Project Management is one of our most popular courses and it is easy to see why - Project Management is a highly in-demand sector with a skills shortage.

Qualified project managers are currently in high demand across every sector in the UK and this is forecast to continue to rise, with employers requiring nearly 88 million project management-related professionals by 2027 (source; Project Management Institute).

This makes a career in project management a secure choice for your future as your skill set will be highly desirable. A particular area of opportunity for project managers in the UK is in the infrastructure sector where ambitious government transformation plans mean there is a significant skills shortage (Transforming Infrastructure Performance: Roadmap to 2030 - GOV.UK).

Project management can be both a fulfilling and financially lucrative career

A project management career can also be a highly rewarding career choice, it can be a chance to work on exciting and complex projects, from the beginning through to successful completion.

There are also opportunities to work on projects that can have a significant impact on organisations and society, such as climate change, alternative energy, and projects within the NHS. A recent survey reported that 81% of respondents are satisfied in their role as a project manager. Working in project management is also a financially rewarding career with project management professionals earning an average salary of £47,500, which is above the UK average (APM Salary and Market Trends Survey 2023).

Utilisation of AI

Due to the changes we are currently seeing in the way that companies work (such as flexible working, and the increasing utilisation of AI), now is a great time to study project management or change careers to the sector.

Whether you are just starting your career or you’re looking to perhaps change to a more rewarding career, this is a good time to consider project management.

With changes in the business world around flexible working and digital transformation and the increasing use of automation and artificial intelligence, the skills of a project manager are more in demand than ever.

Transferrable skills

Studying our MSc Project Management or a Business Masters will give you the transferrable skills you need for a successful and rewarding professional career.

Studying for a business Master’s will allow you to develop your transferable skills including time management, prioritising tasks, communication, problem solving and team-work which are invaluable skills for a project manager and in any professional role. A career in project management can also allow you to start your own business as a freelance project manager, giving you the freedom to work for yourself and set your own hours.

Why study with us?

After studying with us, 95% of our postgraduate students (who are in employment) were in Highly Skilled Occupations 15 months after graduating (2020/21 Graduate Outcomes data). However if you want even further security in your job prospects and future proofing your career, our Employment Promise offers your course fees back if you do not secure a job within 9 months of successfully completing your course (T&Cs apply).

We also offer award-winning Employability support from day one to beyond graduation. As a member of our business school alumni, you’ll have access to 1:1 support from our experienced Employability Service. When studying with us, you will also benefit from our Professional Development Modules that ensure you develop the professional and leadership skills you need to succeed alongside our practical courses that are taught by experienced lecturers with real world industry expertise. Our focused learning approach also offers smaller class sizes, creating friendly, personalised teaching, greater interaction and that your views will be heard.


Interested? Learn more about our MSc in Project Management ahead of our December 2023 intake.