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Student Snapshots: Olubunmi Elizabeth Albert-Abu

Olubunmi Elizabeth Albert-Abu is a current MSc Business Analytics student at our Manchester campus and is determined to make a positive impact on the business world. Here, she tells us about her career ambitions, everything about The Manchester Business Connect society, and what it’s like being an international student.

By Elsa Tatam. Published 15 February 2024.


I have always known that I wanted to get a Master’s business degree after obtaining my bachelor’s in accounting. I first obtained an MBA in my home country, Nigeria, and then I decided to study Business Analytics.


The United Kingdom has always been the first country on my list for a country to study, and I knew I wanted to live in Manchester. The University of Law had great reviews, as well as the offerings on the course, study support, a great location and the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of diverse cultures.


Studying abroad has been an excellent opportunity to explore and understand business beyond my home country. It’s helped me to obtain world-class knowledge in my chosen field and I have loved every bit of my experience so far- I’m certain it’ll only get better.


Once I graduate, I aim to be a Global Business Consultant. The pitfalls Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) face all over the world and the possibility of having them grow through business hurdles has been my greatest motivation. The statistics for failing SMEs globally are alarming and I would love the opportunity to work to reduce the numbers. I have a deep passion for fostering environments where the entrepreneurial spirit of individuals is nurtured by supporting their innovative ideas and creating a resource hub that enables them to develop their creativity and professionalism. I advocate for continuous professional development, and I came to The University of Law hoping to graduate three times better than I was at the start of my course, as well as helping others with similar passions do this. This led me to set up a society that would help its members gain business knowledge and overall empowerment.


The Manchester Business Connect is a catalyst for students academic and professional development. We want to establish a foundation that ensures value for future students so that the society can become a full-fledged community of successful business leaders.

We plan to achieve this by the following:

  • Creating long-term sustainability by grooming successors 6 months before the change of leadership.
  • Abiding by our formal constitution by establishing structure and governance.
  • Engaging stakeholders for mentorship.
  • Offering resources and support.
  • Leveraging technology and communication.
  • Encouraging collaboration and innovation.
  • Seeking feedback and iterate.


The Business Society offers students a platform for empowerment, opportunities to network with like-minded individuals, foster future connections and build business competencies through programmes and events that bridge the gap between theory and real-world practice.


It supports students by giving them a safe space to express themselves freely, ensuring their individual goals are achieved, aiding academic excellence, and providing information and resources that create a supportive ecosystem for our future business leaders and innovators.


I have had such great support with the society from the university staff. The society would not be where it was without Jane Tonge, the Programme & Student Lead. During my induction as a postgraduate student at The University of Law Business School, she mentioned her desire for the existence of a business society. As this was a goal of mine, I spoke with her after the session that day and today, we have 54 ambitious students from all backgrounds as members. It’s been a great pleasure working alongside her, and she has been a great source of inspiration and our guiding light since starting the society.


At its core, the Business Society embodies diversity in thoughts, beliefs, and backgrounds, creating a rich tapestry of perspectives, experiences and competencies. It embodies collaboration and cooperation, where members unite to achieve common goals, support each other, and progress collectively. It's a platform for friendship, networking, dialogue and empathy, providing avenues for mutual growth and learning. It's growing to become a community where each member plays a crucial role in shaping the present and laying the foundation for a better future. The fact that the society has received feedback on its increased impact on students’ growth gives me the most pleasure. The society aims to leave an indelible mark on every member that keys into its offerings and hopes to be mentioned as a key moment in time in their careers. 


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