Picturing success: Ola Sunmolah, Business School student

Ola Sunmolah is currently studying the BA (Hons) Business Management at The University of Law Business School. He completed his Foundation Year in 2017 and is now in Year 1 of his degree. Ola is studying while working at Metro Bank and developing his own business as a freelance photographer.

He has big plans for his photography business, and is already starting to use techniques and skills he’s learned on the course to enhance his business. We caught up with Ola while he was offering free professional headshots to his fellow students at a recent ULaw event to find out more about his ambitions and how his studies are helping him achieve them.

My photography business first started as a personal hobby. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures ever since I was little. My hobby quickly developed into a passion and I was photographing a lot. I was just taking photos and uploading them to my social media pages like anyone else does, but then I was receiving really positive comments from people who appreciated my work.

I’ve worked on many diverse projects. So far there have been jobs involving fashion, travel and still life, as well as events, corporate and nature shoots. I don’t like to limit myself to just one genre of photography. I find that it’s not just about having a natural eye behind the camera, picking the right angles or getting good exposures; it’s about knowing your location and subjects really well.

I have big plans for my photography business. I envision it becoming a full production company, expanding into creating movies as well as pictures, with a series of five studios based internationally.

What I’ve learned on my course is already helping me improve my business. We had one module on people management, which was really useful because it taught me how to approach and direct people clearly, and showed us some great methods on how to do that well. I also learned a lot about marketing my business, with a strong guideline that will mean I’m always staying current within the business world.

The teaching methods at ULaw’s Business School are very welcoming. I found the well-structured teaching and the amount of help provided astonishing. It definitely goes against the picture of ‘every man for himself’ that business schools sometimes have. We work in small classes so the concentration of tutors and the amount of support you get is set at a very high standard.

I chose ULaw’s Business School because it offers everything I need to learn. The location was another big attraction for me as I wanted to stay at home with my family in Hackney.

If I was to give any advice to someone considering studying here, it would be this:. Be ready to get serious and develop a lot of practical skills, and be sure to use every resource that’s provided by the University.


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