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Make The Most Of Your Summer: How Ulaw Students Spend Their Holidays

With the summer holidays on the horizon, we thought it would be interesting to reach out to ULaw students across the UK to see how they’ll be spending their vacation time.

From adventures abroad to training schemes and volunteering, our students got in touch through our ULaw Instagram account to let us know how they were spending their summer. We take a look at what they’re up to and how it can help them in the future.


Lots of our students are using their holidays to expand their horizons and improve their future prospects. Tiana reached out to let us know that she would be doing a legal internship based in Paris. What an incredible way to get real-life work experience under her belt, improve her language skills and travel.

There are many highlights to taking part in a summer internship; it won’t interfere with your studies, you can make industry connections, learn new skills from your colleagues, and you get to experience working on real cases, which will look great on your CV.


Jenny let us know she wanted to find a volunteering position for a couple of weeks during her summer. As with internships, volunteering can have a hugely positive impact on your job prospects as well as your wellbeing.

If, like Jenny, you haven’t found a volunteering position but would like to use your time to help others, you can use the website to find the perfect opportunity near you.

Travelling abroad

Aliza let us know that she’s going to Marrakech and Denmark before heading back to the classroom for her LPC in September. Travelling can have a hugely positive impact on your life. Travel increases confidence, improves your cultural awareness, expands your network and improves your language skills. All these can have a positive impact on your job prospects. Employers can see well-travelled, culturally aware individuals as more responsible and adaptable


Rumman, Nick and Dan all let us know that not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy a break from studying over the summer. Any ULaw students that started with us in January have plenty of exam studying to keep them busy. However, remember to keep a healthy work/life balance with plenty of breaks to keep yourselves fit and motivated.

TV bingeing

Summer holidays are the perfect time to lay back, relax and catch up on your favourite shows and movies. Some of our students are doing just that, and one name that popped up again and again was Love Island (and quite often, Tommy). Not far behind that was the brilliant Suits and Game of Thrones. If you’re a law student looking for some movie inspiration then check out our recommendations.

But how are your favourite TV shows going to help your career? Let’s be honest, they’re probably not but taking time out to do things you love and completely relax is great for your wellbeing. If you’re energised and happy when you come back to university, you’ll be in perfect condition to start a brand new year of studying.

If you’re a ULaw student, let us know your plans for summer through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.