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Great China Scholarship 2018

In partnership with the British Council and the GREAT Britain Campaign, The University of Law offered four scholarships worth £5,500 each to candidates from China wishing to study a postgraduate course. We’re delighted to introduce you to the winners and share their feelings about winning the scholarship, studying in the UK and their ambitions for the future.

Meet the winners:

Chloe Qianzi Zeng - born in Hubei, China. Wishes to obtain a career that combines her skills in economics and law.

Xiaoyue Shen - came to Manchester from China in 2017 for the GDL and LPC at ULaw. In his free time he likes to travel.

Zhendong Wang - comes from China and lives in London.  He’s a mature student and is married with two lovely daughters.

Zhengxin (Austin) Yin - originally from Mainland China. He aspires to become a global corporate lawyer.

Can you tell us about your previous study background and qualifications?

Chloe: I am an economist. I graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science with a first in BSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics. I was then offered full scholarships to study MPhil and DPhil in Economics in Oxford University, where I specialised in applied micro econometrics.

Xiaoyue: I graduated with an LLB from the China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing in 2017.

Zhendong: I graduated from the University of Leeds with a law degree (LLB). During my studies, I was delighted to be elected as one of the most brilliant students awarded with a scholarship. Before my study in UK, I had been a district prosecutor and lawyer in Shanghai. During my studies in China, I graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. I have a PhD degree in economics and my doctorate dissertation was on corporate governance in non-state-public company in China. I also graduated at East China University of Politics and Science in Law with a master’s degree.

Zhengxin: I graduated from King’s College London with an LLB this summer. Before I moved to the UK for the LLB study I was living and studying in the US, where I earned a BA in Mathematics and Economics. In the pursuit of the BA, I also spent a year in the London School of Economics studying finance, European economies and politics.

What brought you to the UK and why did you want to study here?

Chloe: The UK higher education system is world leading, so I applied for universities in the UK after my A level studies in Singapore.

Xiaoyue: I decided to come to the UK for the GDL and LPC after I interned in Beijing at two UK law firms. During these internships I realised that the firms appreciate the quality of applicants coming from the GDL and LPC with ULaw. I knew the city of Manchester from films and books and it turned out to be a good choice, Manchester is the perfect place for the student life I wanted to have. In my free time I love wandering around neighbourhood and the busy city centre, its splendid buildings and stylish shops are always calling to be explored.

Zhendong: In 2009, I was watching the United Kingdom reform financial regulations which dealt with the huge impact of the financial crisis caused by the US real-estate sector. I read the blue papers issued by the financial regulatory bodies in the UK and I was highly interested in the way the policy was drawn up and implemented. Thus, I made up my mind to come to the United Kingdom to study. 

Zhengxin: I came to the UK to study law in the hope of qualifying as an English solicitor. I had been to the UK several times before and have to point out that the lovely British culture and people played a key role in making the choice as well.

Why did you choose ULaw?

Chloe: I did some research and discovered The University of Law is a very prestigious place to study the GDL and other law related courses. I went to the induction day and felt the teachers and lecturers were very friendly to talk to. They had all been qualified solicitors or barristers for a long time and were willing to share their insights and stories. I felt that ULaw genuinely cared about their students’ employability and that’s very important to me.

Xiaoyue: I have chosen ULaw because it’s one of largest law schools in the UK with a long history of training legal professionals. Also because ULaw cooperates with many prestigious law firms and provides practical career support for its students.

Zhendong: During my research I discovered that The University of Law was highly rated. I also discovered that they had won many awards, which encouraged me to apply for the Legal Professional Course (LPC)

Zhengxin: When choosing which school to study the LPC, I asked friends and teachers familiar with the British legal education system for their advice. Virtually all of them recommended ULaw for its high quality teaching, close links to top City law firms, and supportive administrative staff.

What are your future career plans and will you being staying in the UK to achieve them?

Chloe: I have always been hugely interested in law but at a younger age I was worried about the language barrier, so I did not study it. Now I feel a bit more confident and would like to give it my best. I think a career that requires me to combine both my skills in economics and knowledge in law, and allows me to work both in the UK and China would be ideal for me.

Xiaoyue: I plan to become qualified as a solicitor in the UK or Hong Kong specialising in international project finance. I am applying for training contracts in the UK and Hong Kong right now. Straight after the LPC I plan to find a paralegal job in Shanghai with a city law firm. I am enjoying living in the UK but as I have an LLB in Chinese law I believe returning to China is a choice that best matches my education background.

Zhendong: After my studies, I intend to go to my home country of China. My aim and objective, with the help of my government, are to use my expertise to support people of less ability and financial difficulties. I would also like to engage with professional academics and government officials.

Zhengxin: I aspire to qualify as an English solicitor and work in a top city law firm. That said, I’ll also keep my options open and look around the world. The commercial legal industry today is globalised and will only become more so. If a suitable job opportunity pops up elsewhere, I will take it.

What was your reaction to hearing you had received this scholarship and what does it mean to you?

Chloe: I was very excited. When I heard I was offered the scholarship I felt it is a positive signal that I should do it.  I know it is going to be challenging, I really appreciate the help of the funding and the opportunity.
Xiaoyue: I was very surprised and grateful for ULaw for issuing me this award, it is the most generous scholarship I have ever received. It has relieved the financial burden during studies and thus I can concentrate on the full-time courses to achieve my best results.

Zhendong: I am so delighted to hear that I am going to be awarded with a scholarship. My heart is filled with great honour. I am delighted to engage myself with this programme. Therefore, I thank The University of Law for all their support and I wish to succeed, with all my heart’s desire, as a professional lawyer.

Zhengxin: I was excited. This is major recognition by the British government and ULaw of my credentials as an aspiring solicitor. It greatly boosted my confidence in pursuing a legal career in the UK.


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