05 February 2016

FLN monthly roundup - January 2016

January was an action-packed month in the legal world – with plenty of excitement to kick-off 2016. In case you missed it, here’s your essential reading:

  • January was a great month for law graduates, as research showed non-law firm graduate employers favour LLBs over all other degree disciplines. Read more at Legal Cheek

  • The BBC asked if Sean Penn broke the law when he interviewed Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzman – the head of a drugs cartel – for Rolling Stone.
    Read more at bbc.co.uk

  • It was a harsh month for animals when a federal judge in San Francisco ruled that a macaque monkey who took selfie photographs cannot be declared the copyright owner. Read more at theguardian.com

  • Apple won a long-running patent dispute against Samsung, banning nine Samsung devices from sale in the US. Read more at Gizmodo

  • The Daily Mail reported that Leonardo DiCaprio has used French privacy law to stop pictures of him kissing Rihanna in a nightclub from being published. Read more at dailymail.co.uk

  • The Guardian reported that ULaw alumna Miranda Brawn @brawnm has launched a diversity scholarship. This aims to help young people from minority ethnic backgrounds succeed in business. Read more at guardian-series.co.uk

  • Forbes reported on how big data is disrupting law firms and the legal profession. Read more at Forbes

  • January was an historic month for football. Former Premier League referee David Elleray has revised the sport’s laws, which had been largely unchanged since the 19th century. Read more at Reuters

  • The Guardian reported that more lawyers will be recruited to review ‘unduly lenient’ sentences, after a sharp rise in the number of complaints about judges’ decisions on jail terms. Read more at theguardian.com

  • And finally, ULaw has got off to a great start-of-year, winning an exclusive training contract with city law firm, Fieldfisher. Read more

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