• ‘Brief Chats’ podcasts give would-be lawyers fun and forthright view of life in the law

    21 January 2013

    In the first of the series Misys General Counsel Tom Kilroy talks about his journey from metallurgy to law, why he found his training contract “terrifying”, the fun of being in house counsel for a toy company and his passion for cooking sea bass.

    Aspiring lawyers will get the inside track on what it’s actually like to practise law in a series of interesting, and sometimes irreverent, conversations with top legal professionals.

    Brief Chats, a new series of podcasts exclusive to The College of Law’s Future Lawyers Network website, is the brainchild of three well respected lawyers Barbara Hamilton-Bruce, Felicity Gerry and Kim Evans.

    Their forthright, challenging and fun interviews are recorded with future lawyers in mind and provide a plethora of tips on how to start a career in the legal world.

    The first Brief Chats conversation is with Tim Kilroy, General Counsel at global financial software company Misys, and is now available on the site. He describes how he went from studying metallurgy at Oxford to a career in law after a tutor said that he should become a lawyer because he was very argumentative.

    He talks about his training contract to qualify as a solicitor with Farrer & Co and how, after learning to draft legal advice during his Legal Practice Course, he found the experience of giving advice for real and the pressure to get it right “terrifying” at first.

    His first in-house legal role was with a toy and games company which he described as “hilarious fun around the world” and involved visits to the headquarters of Lucasfilm, Nintendo, Warner Bros and Disney and attending a Star Wars premiere.

    He talks about how a General Counsel is able to influence the strategy of the business and how important it is to be interested in what the company does. He gives tips on writing effective CVs and finally, with cooking listed as a hobby on his Twitter profile, describes his signature dish as sea bass with fennel and pine nuts.

    The Brief Chats presenters take a break from recording. Left to right: Felicity Gerry, Barbara Hamilton-Bruce and Kim Evans
    The Brief Chats presenters take a break from recording. Left to right: Felicity Gerry, Barbara  Hamilton-Bruce and Kim Evans

    Felicity Gerry, one of the three Brief Chats interviewers, is an international barrister and media commentator. Her caseload includes international fraud, historic sexual abuse, rape and murder and she is regularly approached to speak on international issues including human trafficking and rape in conflict zones. 

    Kim Evans started out as a police detective working on murder squads before moving into the legal profession. She is now assistant editor at Crimeline, a company which updates solicitors and barristers on the latest developments in criminal law, a commissioning editor at The Justice Gap and a legal blogger/journalist, working to highlight miscarriages of justice and issues around access to justice.
    Finally Barbara Hamilton-Bruce is Chartered Legal Executive with over 20 years’ experience of the legal sector and currently Group Director of Legal Operations with Abstract Legal Holdings Limited. She is a Council Member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) and blogs in a personal capacity through ‘The Red Files’ and writes for Legal Futures, the CILEx Journal and The Justice Gap.

    Andrew Lamberti, Head of Marketing Communications at The College of Law, said: “Felicity, Kim and Barbara are forthright, challenging and at the forefront of today’s legal market place. But just as importantly they bring a sense of vibrancy and fun to the studio, helping to relax their guests so that the conversations make the real life of working in the law accessible and relevant for all Future Lawyers Network members. The Brief Chats series gives a valuable insight into what it’s really like to be a lawyer and how to gain that first foothold in the profession.” 

    The second interview in the Brief Chats series is with criminal barrister Francis Fitzgibbon QC whose cases include homicide, fraud, money-laundering, and drug trafficking and will be posted shortly with many other interesting guests to follow.

    The Future Lawyers Network was launched by the College to provide free resources to anyone thinking about a career in law and includes careers advice plus information and debate on the latest legal issues.

    The Brief Chats interview with Tom Kilroy is available at www.college-of-law.co.uk/futurelawyers/  

    Further information from Lucy Wray, Press Officer, The College of Law on 01483 216072 (lucy.wray@lawcol.co.uk)