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University of Law Business School hosts ‘Get into Business’ event at Leeds campus

The University of Law Business School Leeds campus hosted a full day of workshops, presentations and debates last week for year 10, 11 and 12 students thinking about studying business at university.

Students developed their understanding of modern business challenges within human resources, finance and marketing and put forward impressive recommendations and business ideas that they had developed throughout the day.

Students put themselves in the shoes of an HR professional and took part in a recruitment workshop. They made some key recommendations on how potential employees should approach interview situations including; having passion and conviction in what you’re saying, being confident not arrogant, and attention to detail by being prepared, looking smart and considering body language.

A finance debate took place concentrating on celebrity tax evasion and avoidance, encouraging students to discuss the moral and legal obligations of high earners. Asking questions such as ‘what are your obligations and duty for ‘reinvesting’ back in to society?’

The marketing challenge involved students building their own fashion brand, focussing on web and app sales. With a strict budget to stick to and issues of target market, logistics, stock, pricing and cyber security to consider the teams pitched their brand ideas to a panel of experts with some great results. The winning team put forward a well thought through and expertly delivered business plan which won them a work experience placement with Plexus Law in Leeds.

Leeds Student Recruitment Officer, Katie Lake, who delivered the marketing sessions said “It is very rewarding being able to run events such as this, where you can see students not only thoroughly enjoying themselves, but engaging and learning about the business environment. These events give students a great insight into studying business at university, as well as providing them with knowledge to help them through their A-Level studies.”

For more information about The University of Law Business School undergraduate programmes visit our course pages.