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Greek Vice Prime Minister welcomes ULaw delegation

A senior representative from The University of Law (ULaw) met with the Vice Prime Minister of Greece and Minister of Development and Investments, His Excellency Adonis Georgiadis, recently to discuss investment in higher education and partnerships opportunities in Greece.

The ULaw delegation in Greece was led by ULaw Director of International Partnerships and Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor for International Development Tatiana Rizopoulou.

The delegation held a high-level delegation visit to Greece on behalf of ULaw and the Global University Systems Group (GUS) to meet with key stakeholders of the Greek government. The purpose of the visit was to explore higher education investment and partnership opportunities in Greece, including the possibilities for an investment by GUS involving the establishment of a multi-school Higher Education institution.

This visit was an opportunity to discuss the strategy for investing in Greece and the Greek Higher Education market, and understand the current needs and gaps of said market, including the need to develop a new international portfolio. ULaw is looking to identify partners or institutions to join the GUS group and has reiterated the need to produce an in-country feasibility study to outline the regulatory processes to follow and existing Government-led investment support incentives.

Additionally, the ULaw delegation has also attended meeting with Mr Stavros Kalafatis, Deputy Minister of Macedonia and Thrace; Mr Aggelos Syrigos, Minister of Education, Lifelong Learning & Religious Affairs; Mr Athanasions Davakis, MP of the Greek Parliament; representatives from the British Council in Greece and a range of other potential academic partners.

Tatiana Rizopoulou, Director of International Partnerships at ULaw, said: “We are delighted to discussing our innovative international strategy approach, with His Excellency Mr Adonis Georgiadis, Minister of Development and Investment of Greece and other key stakeholders of the Greek government. We look forward to exploring international development opportunities in Greece and delivering ambitious and career enhancing outcomes for our international students Greece is the cradle of western civilization, being the birthplace of democracy, education, amongst countless major scientific and philosophical principles.”