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The University of Law to offer four weeks of Qualifying Work Experience to SQE Master’s students

The University of Law (ULaw) will guarantee four weeks of Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) to all its LLM Legal Practice (SQE1&2) and MA Law (SQE1) students helping to prepare them for their legal careers.

As part of the SQE route to practice, students must complete two years’ QWE with up to four employers. ULaw’s work experience offer, which is optional for students, forms part of the University’s commitment to pro bono and Clinical Legal Education programmes.

The guaranteed QWE for LLM Legal Practice (SQE1&2) and MA Law (SQE1) students will take place within ULaw’s Legal Advice Centre giving valuable help to the community by providing free legal advice and representation to members of the public on a range of cases.

ULaw’s QWE will allow students to put theory into practice, giving them the opportunity to see how a case progresses in practice and how the skills learned in classes are relevant in a practical context. Students will be closely supervised throughout by a qualified Supervising Solicitor.  

ULaw’s Legal Advice Centre is a valuable resource not only to students but also to the local communities which ULaw campuses across the UK serve, supporting members of the public who due to circumstances, would not otherwise have access to legal advice. As part of their month long QWE, students play a crucial role in providing the service by interviewing clients, undertaking research and providing legal advice. 

Professor Peter Crisp, Deputy Vice Chancellor Law at The University of Law, said: “The Legal Advice Centre at The University of Law is a fantastic source of work experience for future lawyers. Not only will our students gain the experience, knowledge and practical skills needed to achieve their ambitions of becoming a lawyer, they will be a part of something which helps our communities, gives members of the public hope and support and changes lives for the better.

“We enable the next generation of legal professionals to fulfil their potential. The four weeks Qualifying Work Experience opportunity offered by the Professional Development team simplifies the process for future solicitors stepping into the professional world and gives our students a genuine advantage.”

For more information on The University of Law’s new QWE offering, including course modules, structure, funding and start dates, please visit: