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International Student Support

Student life in the UK

At all of our campuses you’ll find an excellent social scene, combining the best each city has to offer with a huge choice of activities at our campuses. Wherever you’re studying, you'll find entertainment from cinemas, galleries and theatres, live music, shopping and restaurants nearby.

Each campus has its own social committee made up of students who organise everything from societies, nights out and summer balls to city tours and local walks. Our students organise and run the societies at our campuses, meaning you have the opportunity to suggest a society you’d like to take part in at the University and we’ll help you bring it to life. Whatever you’re interested in, our societies will help you make friends, settle in and feel at home.

Find more information on student life at ULaw.

Welfare and support

As an international student, you might find moving to a new country difficult, especially if you have not lived away from home before. Accessing support is a normal part of university life here in the UK and every year many of our international students come to us for support on a range of issues.

Some issues that you might experience and want to talk to someone about could be homesickness, culture shock or difficulty settling in, loneliness or sadness, difficulty making friends, exam stress or pressure and accommodation or finance worries.

Whatever your problem or query might be, there will be someone here who will listen, help you manage the issue and make your time in the UK as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

There is lots of personal support available at each campus – you will be assigned an academic coach when you start your course, who will have regular meetings with you to monitor your progress. If you are having difficulty with a particular subject on the course, you can discuss your issues with your academic coach.

Some international sources of research are available on the databases we’ve subscribe to that can help further your future career, whether domestic or international. This includes international cases, legislation and journals for countries such as Canada and Hong Kong and a wide range of cross-border handbooks for countries such as Italy, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

If you have any special requirements or needs during your time at The University of Law, there is a lot of support available to you. Find out about the support we provide to students with disabilities or learning difficulties.

If you require mental health support whilst studying with us, we have professional counselling available at all of our campuses.

We also have a free online support service called Together All, which is available for students who may be experiencing difficulties at any time of the day or night. Whether you’re struggling to sleep, feeling low, feeling stressed or not coping, Together All helps our students get support, take control and feel better. More than three quarters of members feel better as a result of using the service and nearly 90% use Together All outside of 9am-5pm.

You can join this supportive online community by signing up to Together All using your university email address.

More information

To access further information about support for international students studying in the UK, visit the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA).