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Our Employability Service will help you to achieve your career and work experience goals. From support with job applications and preparation for interviews, to four weeks guaranteed qualifying work experience (QWE) opportunities and mentoring, we’ll ensure you’re fully prepared for your future career as a solicitor.

With one of the largest legal careers services in the UK, ULaw gives you the support and opportunities you need to make the best start in your legal career.

Receive four weeks of guaranteed Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) within our Legal Advice Centre and put theory into practice working on real-life cases.

Alongside our careers support, you’ll work in our virtual law firm, with our expert tutors, and develop knowledge and skills beyond the SQE and working in legal services.

Qualifying Work Experience

As part of the SQE route to practice, you will need to complete a minimum of two years’ Qualifying Work Experience (QWE) before you can qualify as a solicitor. This can be completed with up to four different legal employers at any point during the qualification process.

To help you progress your legal training and prepare you for your career as a solicitor, we’re offering four weeks guaranteed QWE within our Legal Advice Centre to our LLM Legal Practice (SQE1&2) and MA Law (SQE1) students. We have SQE covered.

As well as getting to put your theory into practice and develop some of the competences that are required to practise as a solicitor, you’ll also be providing valuable free legal advice and representation to members of the community who, due to financial hardship, would not otherwise be able to access such advice.

  1. You’ll be allocated a suitable case by your Supervising Solicitor. The types of legal issues covered by our clinics are areas of family law where legal aid is not available and community care, education, public law and housing.
  2. You will then meet with your Supervising Solicitor, before your client interview, to discuss how to conduct the interview. The interview with your client is a fact-finding exercise. No legal advice is given at this stage.
  3. After the client interview, you’ll attend a Post-Interview Review meeting with your Supervising Solicitor to discuss the case and how you intend to progress the case. After this you’ll write a letter to your client to inform them whether you can advise them or refer them on to another agency who may be able to help.
  4. Depending on the nature of the case there may be additional work to be undertaken. If any action beyond written advice is needed, you’ll be guided through the necessary processes by a Supervising Solicitor to ensure regulatory compliance.
  5. In addition, you may be required to undertake legal further work, including drafting pleadings, bail applications and representing your client at the tribunal or court.

There are many benefits of completing four weeks QWE within our Legal Advice Centre.

Here are some of them:

  • Get hands-on legal work experience working with real clients to help you fully prepare for your career as a solicitor
  • Apply the theory and skills you have learnt to real-life cases
  • See how a variety of cases progress in practice
  • Provide valuable legal advice and representation to members of the public who, due to financial hardship, would not otherwise be able to access such advice
  • Looks great on your CV and helps you stand out from the competition
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Our Employability Promise

We’re so confident you’ll succeed when you study our LLM Legal Practice (SQE1&2) that if you don’t obtain a job in nine months after completing your course you'll get 100% of your fees back, made up of 50% as cashback, plus 50% as credit towards another course.

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Our Employability Services

Depending on the SQE course you choose to study with us, you’ll receive different levels of support to help you on your journey towards becoming a solicitor.

  • SQE Law Essentials course - essential employability support to help you understand your future options.
  • SQE1 and SQE2 Preparation Courses - comprehensive employability support to help you pass the SQE assessments.
  • LLM Legal Practice (SQE1&2) and MA Law (SQE1) – access to our full-suite of employability support before, during and after your course to fully prepare you for your career as a solicitor.


Our Support

We’ll support you every step of the way. From our award-winning Careers and Employability Service, to help funding your studies, we’ll support your career ambitions as well as SQE success.

SQE Quiz

sqeFind your route through the SQE

You may be uncertain about which route or course is best for you. We’ve put together a useful tool to help you understand the different options available at The University of Law and make the best choice for you. If you’d like more advice, or to talk about your individual circumstances, please email us at study@law.ac.uk.

Fees and Funding

We appreciate that investing in your studies can be a challenging financial commitment, but there are a number of options available to help lighten the load.

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Scholarships and Bursaries

We’re committed to helping you achieve your ambition of becoming a solicitor, whatever your background.

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SQE Study Manuals

Our brand new SQE study manuals have been specially designed to provide solid knowledge and understanding of fundamental legal principles and rules, while bringing the law and practice to life with example scenarios based on realistic client problems.

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International Students

We have students from over 120 different countries throughout our campuses, with a dedicated team to help international students.

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Student Support

From wellbeing to disability support, we want you to feel fully supported while studying with us.

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Open Days and Events

Our Open Days and events will provide you with the opportunity to discover more about our courses, campuses, flexible study options and support.

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Alumni Loyalty Discount

If you’ve successfully completed a course with us, or are currently studying with us, you will be entitled to a £250 alumni discount against your second course fee*. You can claim this discount against the following courses: SQE Law Essentials, SQE1 Preparation Course and SQE2 Preparation Course.

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ULaw SQE app

Do you want to find out what it’ll really be like to sit the SQE1 assessments and improve your success in the SQE exams with user friendly insights on your answers? Download our ULaw SQE app and try out SQE1 questions for free from our extensive sample bank of questions.

The SQE Explained

We’ll provide you with everything you need to know about the SQE, so you can make an informed decision about your future.

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Our SQE Courses

Whether you’re a law or non-law graduate, want to study full-time, part-time, on campus or online, we have the right course for you. We offer a wide range of SQE courses from Master’s with SQE1 and SQE2 included, to short revision courses to help you get ready for your SQE exams.

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