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Business Analyst

What does a Business Analyst do?

Business Analyst roles tend to involve helping businesses to manage, change and plan for the future in line with their goals. This could be for one specific project or as a permanent feature of an organisation. An excellent understanding of the way an organisation works and the sector it operates in is key to help the business to develop its functions, services and products to meet goals with internal and external stakeholders.

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What skills does a Business Analyst need?

  • The ability to motivate others and lead change
  • An interest in business development
  • Excellent communication skills, with the ability to present to a range of stakeholders and colleagues
  • The ability to work under pressure on multiple projects within tight timeframes
  • The desire to create solutions and a positive attitude to change
  • Analytical skills and an evidence-based approach to working
  • An understanding of emerging technologies that are used to support businesses
  • Team working skills are need to achieve change and success
  • Research skills are needed when conducting fact finding tasks regarding business processes
  • Attention to detail – the ability to oversee staff making changes and reporting any issues.

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