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  • Helping your son or daughter make the right choice

    Deciding on where to go for higher education is a crucial decision for any young person. As a parent or guardian you will want to be involved in your son’s or daughter’s decision about which subject and university to choose.  

    We hope that this area of our website will answer these questions and provide all the information you need about The University of Law.

    What makes The University of Law different?
    • Our experience: we’ve been helping law students achieve their career ambitions for over a hundred years
    • The professional nature of a law degree; ideal grounding for careers in law as well as business, banking, finance, the civil service etc.
    • Employability focus; built in, timetabled employability sessions and the full support of our highly regarded Careers and Employability Service
    • A unique combination of academic rigour and practical skills
    • Taught in a realistic, professional environment
    • The quality of our teaching.  We were awarded a gold ranking in the Government led Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). The TEF panel judged that ULaw delivers consistently outstanding teaching, learning and outcomes for its students.  It is of the highest quality found in the UK.  Find out more at www.hefce.ac.uk
    • We accept students under the age of 18 if they are 17 when the course starts. (see entry requirements for more detail)

    For further information about The University of Law and the support we provide, please see the information below:

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    • We offer students a choice of law degrees that can be studied full-time over three years, four years (with a Foundation year), or two years accelerated and part-time over four years or online over four years. 

      Whatever the choice, they’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that The University of Law provides the most relevant and professional degree programmes available, taught by qualified lawyers, to give them the legal knowledge that will be most useful at the start of their career. What’s more, as we're the largest provider of postgraduate legal education in the UK, students can complete their full legal training with The University of Law, whether they want a career as a barrister or solicitor.

      We accept a range of academic and vocational qualifications to gain a place on our law degrees and even accept students under the age of 18, if they are 17 at the time of entry.  If you have any questions about your son’s or daughter’s qualifications please contact our Admissions Team on 0800 289997.

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    • Offering an outstanding grounding for a future career, a law degree from The University of Law is good value at £18,495* for UK and EU students. Your son or daughter can study the LLB (Hons) course Full-time or Part-time and Online, allowing you all to choose the right option to suit financial – as well as other – circumstances.

      Our LLB courses are registered with the Students Loan Company and so UK and EU students are eligible for up to £6,165 tuition fee loan per year, depending on household income and the centre they choose to study at. The fees for international students are generally higher and tuition fees vary, depending on your son’s or daughter’s residency status.

      At The University of Law we support our students with a comprehensive range of scholarships and bursaries.

      * This is the fee for our three year full-time course for 2017.  Tuition fees may increase for every new academic year and for new course intakes, dependent on government policy and to take into account inflation and other costs. Therefore, students may be charged different fees for subsequent years of your course.  

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    • Studying for a degree is a significant investment of time and money and you will want to know that it will pay off when it comes to your son’s or daughter’s future career – and that’s where The University of Law stands out.

      We offer a level of support that is unrivalled in legal education. Our Employability Service supports students throughout their studies and even after they leave the University. The service incorporates our award-winning Student Employability Programme (StEP), practical experience through our pro bono placements, mentors from the legal profession and our extensive vacancy database.

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    • With centres in seven cities throughout the UK, The University of Law offers your son or daughter an unrivalled choice of locations. Whether he or she prefers a major city like London or Manchester, or regional commercial hubs such as Chester or Guildford, you can be certain that every centre is close to leading law firms and enjoys good transport links. No matter if students prefer to live at home or move away, studying with us means they’ll benefit from a professional law school in a stimulating environment.

      Our facilities are second to none, providing a world-class learning environment for students. Every centre offers a range of resources, including well-equipped IT suites, our own online learning resource, comprehensive law libraries staffed by award-winning information staff and realistic ‘mock’ courtrooms for future barristers.

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    • As a parent you need to be reassured that your son or daughter will be living in a safe, comfortable place while they’re studying at The University of Law. That’s why we reserve accommodation with providers who specialise in students.

      Accommodation is usually in shared flats and your son or daughter will have his or her own fully furnished bedroom with a large desk and en-suite bathroom. We take student security very seriously, with restricted access and CCTV surveillance for extra protection. Dedicated management staff are usually available on site and some centres have student wardens to provide extra support – especially important if students are living away from home for the first time.

    • Tennis
    • There’s more to university than studying and your son or daughter will have the opportunity to get involved in all sorts of social and sporting activities.

      When they first arrive at their centre, Freshers’ Week gives them the chance to meet fellow students at a variety of fun events. From then on there’s a huge range of activities, clubs and societies on offer – anything from debating to abseiling!

      When your son or daughter starts university, it’s natural to worry about their welfare. You can rest assured that we take their well-being seriously and provide support and guidance throughout their time with The University of Law.

      Every student has a personal tutor - a qualified lawyer who guides them through the course and provides advice and assistance through regular meetings. There’s also a confidential counselling service, as well as a Student Services team for advice on any problems your son or daughter may experience.

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    • We take our responsibility to provide the appropriate facilities and support to students with a disability or learning difficulty very seriously. 

      If your son or daughter is going to need any specific support or facilities to successfully undertake our courses, it is important that they disclose their needs when they apply to the University; this will enable our disability support staff to contact them to discuss their requirements before the start of the course. Once they have accepted a place, we put together a Disability Support Agreement that outlines the facilities that the University will provide. The Disability Support Service provides assistance throughout the course, and your son or daughter should contact them if they feel that the support or facilities being provided are insufficient in any way. 

      There are some medical conditions, like epilepsy or diabetes, which the Disability Support Service should be advised of, even though students do not require any specific facilities.

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    • It’s only natural that you will want to take a look the place where your son or daughter may be studying, and the best way of doing this is by coming to one of our open days with them.

      Law school open days give you the chance to gather all the information you need about our courses and facilities, and to get a feel for the centre your son or daughter is considering. They are more than just a guided tour; you’ll have the chance to talk to our tutors and career advisors, meet current students and get more information about admissions, accommodation and student life. If you can’t make an open day, centre visits are available throughout most of the year.

      Your son or daughter can also attend a range of events and online webinars, to find out what it’s like to study law and pursue a career as a barrister or solicitor. 

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    • Whether your son or daughter is already in the UK, or moving here from your home country, we are committed to making their time at The University of Law an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

      Our website provides all the information you need about the complexities of immigration and visa requirements, and we have a dedicated team to answer specific enquiries. There’s a great deal to think about in the lead-up to their departure and we have compiled an online pre-departure guide, which will answer all the questions you and your son or daughter may have.

      Before they start their course, students can get a feel for what’s going on at The University of Law through social media. They can chat with other future law students on our Facebook page, keep up to date with us on Twitter, have a look at what we’ve been doing on YouTube and access all sorts of useful information on our blog site.  They can also have a look at Liveprospectus, to find out what our current students are saying about ULaw.

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    • If your son or daughter is considering studying law, you will want to know that their choice of university will provide a solid grounding for a successful career. The University of Law is one of the world’s leading professional law schools; we achieve the highest educational standards and place a unique emphasis on students learning in a realistic, professional and contemporary environment.

      What sets us apart?

      Innovation: all our courses are designed to deliver lawyers who can compete in an ever-changing legal environment

      Great connections: our successful track record means that leading UK and international law firms are keen to recruit our graduates

      Tutors who are practitioners: our tutors are qualified and experienced solicitors, barristers and judges, passionate about passing on their knowledge to our students

      Employability: the combination of practice-based training, a leading law careers service and award-winning pro bono programmes result in highly employable graduates

      Strategic partnerships: we enjoy high-profile connections with world-class organisations and professional bodies. These partnerships give our students an unrivalled network of contacts

      History and heritage: The University of Law is the UK’s longest-established provider of legal education and training; we have worked with most UK law firms to meet their training and development needs

      Our locations: we have eight centres in seven cities around the UK, close to leading law firms in thriving commercial centres

      Widening access: we offer scholarships to help talented students fund their training

      Excellent teaching: in June 2017, The University of Law was awarded a gold ranking in the Government led Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). The TEF panel judged that ULaw delivers consistently outstanding teaching, learning and outcomes for its students.  It is of the highest quality found in the UK.  Find out more at www.hefce.ac.uk