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About our students

Through the Employability Service, you can:

  • Access thousands of students focused on a career in the legal sector. 
  • Contact students at every stage of their legal training – from the academic stage (LLB students and those on the GDL) to the vocational stage (the LPC and BPTC) and beyond – via our LLM and growing alumni association
  • Access a diverse student body. Our broad intake of students and wide range of study modes ensures The University of Law has one of the most diverse student bodies in legal education

Student availability for work

Most full-time and part-time courses start in late August and end in June – so students should be free to take up vacation schemes or employment from late June until late August.

Where full-time teaching is concentrated into particular days each week, even full-time students may be able to take up part-time employment opportunities during the working week.

Our part-time and distance-learning students may be free to undertake employment at any time of the year.

For more information about our students and student availability, please contact your local University Campus.