• MSc Leadership and Human Resource management 

    Award MSc Leadership and HRM
    Locations Berlin / Online
    Duration 1 Year
    Next Start October 2018
    Course Fees: Berlin October 2018 - €15,000 (UK/EU/International)
     February 2019 - €15,000 (UK/EU/International) 
    Course Fees: Online January/May 2018 - £7,160 (UK/EU/International) 
     Sep 2018/Jan/May 2019 - £8,500 (UK/EU/International)
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    The MSc Leadership and Human Resource Management is designed in compliance with the professional standards of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

    This online course will familiarise you with the intellectual underpinnings required for a career in this type of dynamic work environment, alongside significant exposure to the professional world.
    We improve your employability through a supportive, practical and challenging curriculum that is closely aligned with professional body requirements. 

    We have also successfully accredited our online Masters degree programme with a professionally-recognised CMI qualification.

    Through our partnership with GISMA Business School, this course will also be available to study in Berlin. For further details, visit www.gisma.com.

    Who is this course for?

    This degree is ideal for those interested in a career as a human resource manager or in another role within business management.

  • Course Content & Structure

    Online students will study for one year, which is divided into two semesters and the summer period for the dissertation. Students will study six modules, each worth 15 credits; one module worth 30 credits; and another module worth 60 credits, totalling 180 credits.

    The course will cover the following core modules:

    • Leadership and Management Development (30 credits)
    • Human Resource Management Practice in Context (30 credits)
    • Coaching and Mentoring (30 credits)
    • Leading Organisational Design and Development (30 credits)
    • Research Methods, Professional Development and Dissertation / Project (60 credits)

    Leadership and Management Development

    This module will enable you to critically evaluate core theories, models and concepts of leadership. In addition you will learn the best practices and skills used in a professional environment, with a focus on how to become an effective human resource practitioner using practical leadership skills.

    Developing Skills for Business

    This module will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to critically reflect on your abilities as an effective manager. You will gain the capabilities necessary for effective management and learn skills related to financial budgeting, data analysis, team work, interpersonal skills and decision-making.

    Human Resource Management in Context

    This module will enable you to evaluate the interaction between the business environment and the organisation within which HR professionals work. In addition, you will explore models of organisational design and environmental analysis. You will analyse HRM issues enabling you to make recommendations for HR policy and practise.

    Coaching and Mentoring

    You will design, apply and practise coaching methods, addressing them from an ethical and professional viewpoint. You will explore a range of psychological theories that will help you understand various coaching and mentoring strategies.

    Organisation Design and Development

    You will learn how to evaluate the contribution of organisational design and development as well as how to assess and apply design options regarding structures and relationships. The role of HR in organisational design and development will be discussed with a strong focus on cultural awareness, the practical applications of organisational design and organisational development concepts.

    Leading, Managing and Developing People

    This module will teach you to understand the links between HR practises and organisational outcomes, alongside critically evaluating the theories of leadership. There will be a focus on how to become an effective manager through the application of leadership and development skills.

    Managing Employment Relations

    You will gain all the skills necessary to critically evaluate the systems of employment relations within a national and international context. This module will further develop your knowledge of the organisational processes of management. In addition you will develop the ability to manage good employee relations and practice effectively as a HR professional.

    Research Methods, Investigating a Business Issue from an HRM Perspective

    This module is divided into three distinct parts; research design, quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis. Each section will provide you with an overview of the conventions of research in the social sciences and within a chosen specialist area. You will also study the role that quantitative and qualitative methods play in research.

    Career Progression

    The MSc Leadership and Human Resource Management will be a highly valuable addition to your CV, demonstrating that you are capable in a management or business-related role.

    Students who graduate from this degree often consider the following options if they wish to continue their studies:

    • PhD
    • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    • Chartered Management Institute's (CMI) postgraduate qualifications
    • Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development's (CIPD) postgraduate qualifications

  • On campus study

    How will you learn

    The programme is delivered in an interactive way with a real-world focus, preparing you for the dynamic business environment you will face after you graduate. Learning takes places both in and outside the classroom environment, traditional lectures and workshops are combined with a wealth of online resources to ensure that you get the most out of the programme. Face-to-face learning is supported by online resources, including the Financial Times, case studies, simulations, learning videos, reading materials, online testing and feedback. There will be 5 contact hours per week, split into two 2 hour workshops and a 1 hour lecture.

    Examination and assessment

    Students will be assessed in a number of ways throughout the duration of the programme. Assessment methods include assignments, presentations and examinations.

    Study materials and online support 

    Students will receive their core textbooks free of charge. All programmes are supported by our Virtual Learning Environment, Elite. Elite will be your first point of call for academic information. In addition, you will gain access to our online library facilities, and learning resources from the Chartered Management Institute, the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Financial Times. These resources provide a range of professional and business-focused materials that represent up to date market trends, sector-based articles and analysis reports.

    In addition to our London Bloomsbury campus, through our partnership with GISMA Business School, this course is also available to study in Berlin. For further details, visit www.gisma.com.

    Online study

    As an online student, you can access programme content and learning activities at any time, from any location. You’ll receive support, guidance, and careers advice throughout the course:

    • Professionally produced HD video lectures 24/7
    • Online forums where you can discuss new concepts with your tutors and fellow students
    • Student support services from The University of Law's Business School and our online learning provider, InterActive Pro

    In addition to lectures and workshops for each module, students will benefit from interactive activities, group work and business tasks with a practical focus. Throughout the entire duration of the course, you will be supported by academic staff.

    Students also have access to our online library facilities and learning resources from the Chartered Management Institute, the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Financial Times. These resources provide a range of professional and business based materials that represent the latest market trends, with sector-based articles and analysis reports.

    All of your learning will take place on the Canvas platform, delivered by our online learning partner, InterActive Pro. Each unit you study consists of an introduction, video clips, extended reading, discussion questions, as well as a summary and consolidation.

    As an online student, you will benefit from a range of innovative e-learning media that suits all learning types. You’ll receive the same quality tuition as our on-campus students, but with all the benefits of online flexibility.


    The assessments are designed to meet the learning outcomes both academically and professionally. This involves seminars, workshops, tests, presentations, assignments, and exams. The programme involves a considerable amount of group work, group assessment and presentations that will take place online. Up to 25% of the assessment takes this form and will count towards your overall grade. 

    You will be assessed in a variety of formats, including portfolio and instant feedback tasks, self-assessed quizzes. You will also participate in VoiceThread presentations, and questions paired with TED-Ed lessons. 

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