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We want to try and make your time with us as worry-free as possible, so that you can focus on achieving the best results you can. Our support teams provide advice and guidance for a range of student needs, whether it be research, health or personal wellbeing. With counsellors, disability support advisors and highly-experienced librarians on hand, you can be confident that whatever may happen during your studies, we’ve got your back.



"The number of activities in the University is a helpful way for students to decrease their stress levels and make it a fun time as well"

- Megi Zego, Undergraduate Student

ULaw BeWell app

Find out more about our new wellbeing app, free to download for our students.

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Ways to improve your work life balance

Read these tips to achieving a healthy work-life balance.

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Quirky ways to de-stress

A selection of quirky techniques to help you relax.

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Together All

This digital service provides online mental health support 24/7.

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Student Support

Learn more about the variety of ways our team is able to support our students.

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We Support Your Ambition

Hear from more students and how we support their ambitions.

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