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BAME Students

The University of Law is an ethnically diverse university: around 50% of our undergraduate students identify as BAME (Black Asian Minority Ethnic) and 40% of our postgraduate students.

At the University we use the broad term BAME to identify students who self-identify as an ethnicity other than White British, but despite our use of this term for identification purposes, we recognised that it should not be used to replace the distinct ethnic identities that are present in each group.


Support we offer for our BAME students

The University is committed to supporting our students from ethnic minority backgrounds to achieve in their courses and progress into their employment of choice. We are aware of the BAME attainment gap within the higher education sector and are committed to eliminating this gap. As part of the University’s Access and Participation Plan the University is committed to eliminating the undergraduate BAME attainment gap by 2030-31.

  • We have strong links with diversity organisations within the legal and business sectors and we regularly run events with these partners to address questions about diversity and provide opportunities for our students to meet professionals from ethnic minority backgrounds.
  • 1-1 appointments with the Welfare Service. Our welfare officers can provide advice and guidance on concerns particular to our BAME students' lived experience.
  • The University has a reporting process, which allows students who are concerned for others to anonymously inform the university.
  • There are a range of cultural and international societies available to join in order to make connections and feel part of a wider university community. These societies include the African Caribbean Societies (ACS), Asian Societies and International Students societies

The University of Law BAME Advocates Scheme

The University of Law BAME Advocate scheme recruits current students to work together with University staff to support and empower BAME students.

The BAME Advocates support BAME students from all the courses and campuses of the University to express their opinions on their student experience in a safe space, and they work with the University to co-create and co-deliver activities and events aimed at improving the experiences and outcomes of BAME students.

The BAME Advocate role is an excellent opportunity for students to gain valuable work experience and leadership skills, as well as developing professionalism, respect for others and social awareness.


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