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Commuter Students

The University of Law doesn’t have its own student accommodation (such as halls of residence), so you may be planning on commuting to one of our campuses, and we want to help you find a good balance between campus and home life.

We define commuting as travelling over 30 minutes to your chosen campus. 55% of our students fall into this category.

All our campuses are close to key transport routes, major train stations or bus routes, so you should be able to commute to us easily. To learn more about our campus locations and facilities, check out our locations page.

Everyone’s commute will look different yet may impact your time to study. We appreciate that commuting can come with its own specific challenges: financial pressures, early mornings/late nights and reliance on public transport systems and/or personal transport options. To help you plan, visit our course demands page where you can look up your course and its requirements, including the number of days you would need to be on campus.

If you would prefer to live closer to our campuses, our accommodation team can help you locate suitable local accommodation options. They can be reached on [email protected].

Our campuses

We have useful facilities that you may need when commuting, this includes bicycle storage, showers, lockers and a student kitchen providing hot water. Some of our campuses also have cafes, if not, there are plenty nearby given our city centre locations. See our AccessAble guides for the exact facilities for each campus.

Our campuses have silent study areas, libraries and social spaces so you can make the most of the time you have around classes to study and to connect with your peers. We also do laptop loans, so you don’t have to carry a laptop with you and have printing services.

Our small group teaching model is designed around enabling you to get to know your fellow students, and if you can’t always attend classes, all of our course materials and your ULaw App can be accessed online to make learning on the go easier.

There are also plenty of ways to get involved in our student community aside from classes, each campus hosts its own events and has its own societies run by students which can enhance your experience and create opportunities to get to know your fellow students.

Student support


Visit the Save the Student travel page for helpful information on ways to reduce travel costs and for travel deals.

Also visit our cost of living webpage to find information on budgeting, ways to increase your income and reduce your expenditure. Here you can also find out whether you would be eligible for any of our scholarships or bursaries.

Do note that if you are an undergraduate living in the parental home whilst studying you receive a ‘living in the parental home’ rate of maintenance loan which is less than for students who live outside the parental home.


Our dedicated Wellbeing team are there to support you if you need advice or guidance.

Please contact the Wellbeing team at your campus for further information on our support.

"Coming from West London to pursue my LLB at the University of Law has been a journey filled with determination and passion. Despite the distance, the university's commitment to supporting commuter students has made my experience both enriching and fulfilling. From convenient transportation options to dedicated study spaces, I've found a sense of belonging that transcends the miles travelled. As a commuter student, I bring not only my academic dedication but also the vibrant energy of London's diverse culture to the LLB program. West London may be where I start my day, but the University of Law is where I pursue my dreams of legal excellence."

Musfira, LLB