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International Foundation Programme – Law Online

Our International Foundation Programme for Law Online is designed to help you develop the academic and linguistic skills required for degree level study. With our pre-degree course, we will offer you a basic introduction to key principles of law while boosting your skills in English language and maths. The course can be studied in nine months or six months as an accelerated version. On successful completion of this online course, you will feel more confident in your abilities to undertake one of our undergraduate law degrees.

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Key Facts

Entry requirements

Students must have successfully completed secondary education (typically at least 11 years of education) plus an English language level equivalent to IELTS 5.0 or above with a minimum of 4.5 in each component.

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Entry requirements

Duration options

9 months (September entry)

6 months (January entry)

Next start date

September 2024

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How to Apply


Learn more about the process for applying to us and where to get started.


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Course Details

International Foundation Programme - Law Online

Our International Foundation Programme (IFP) – Law Online is designed to help you develop the academic and language skills you will need for degree level study. You will gain a basic introduction to key principles of law while boosting your skills in English language and maths. The course can be studied in nine months or six months as an accelerated programme. You will be able to follow a range of self-study materials at your own pace and in your own time but you will also join live interactive online sessions each week, when you can work with classmates, speak with your lecturers and actively participate in learning activities.

You will also have an opportunity to learn the foundation of international law and develop your practical analysis skills, interpersonal communication, and the ability to work in teams. Once you’ve successfully completed the IFP - Law Online, you will feel more confident in your abilities to start one of our undergraduate degrees in law.

To progress onto one of our three year law degrees, you will need to achieve 50% overall and 60% in the English modules of the IFP - Law Online.

Course Structure

Semester 1

English Language and Study Skills

This module teaches the academic skills needed for law students in their university studies; academic writing for assignments, oral presentation skills for speaking, reading general, academic, and legal texts, and listening skills for comprehension and effective participation in seminars. It will introduce you to these foundation skills needed by students of law and legal professionals and introduce you to Legal English and teach you how to use the OSCOLA referencing system, as used in law studies and publications.

Practical Numeracy Skills

This module aims to increase your confidence with applying mathematical and statistical concepts to practical business and law contexts. You will learn about equations, algebra, probability to use basic data and statistics in your subject areas. Students are also expected to reflect on key issues surrounding numeracy and will be required to deliver a short presentation demonstrating how a given mathematical concept is applied to a real-life situation. Topics in this course will helps students build a solid mathematical foundation to support their academic journey as well as their future career.

Introduction to Legal Concepts and Skills

This module introduces you to the meaning of law, its purpose and the philosophies and theories that inform its practice. This will enable you to understand the place of law in society. You will consider different sources of the law of England and Wales, European Union Law, and international law, developing your understanding of how laws are made in the UK. To put theory into practice, you will compare the practices and roles of institutions in English and international legal systems and learn more about how human rights law is applied in practice by exploring how the UK Supreme Court operates.

Semester 2

English Language 2

Following on from ELSS Module 1, this module teaches those critical thinking and writing skills needed by students of law and legal practitioners. It aims to increase your confidence in using the academic and professional Englis skills practiced in Module 1 and to help you prepare for university and professional life. It will include reading complex texts and acquiring more advanced vocabulary, and writing longer essays informed by reliable sources. You will listen to lecturers, online talks and podcasts, and you will develop your seminar skills, debating skills and discussion techniques. Overall, you will learn to build more sophisticated arguments, both verbally and in writing.

Legal Concepts 2

This module examines the important role of case law in England and Wales and the circumstances in which individual judgements may become binding legal precedents. You will explore the court system of England and Wales and consider the themes that underpin its operation, including the role places by the doctrine of precedent, the difference between civil and criminal courts and the role of alternative dispute resolution. It introduces you to the roles played by legal institutions and legal professionals, providing an opportunity to look at the ways in which market forces have influenced the legal system over the years.

Research Project

This module is premeditated to assist students in their academic disciplines and to strengthen their confidence in key skills areas (academic writing, research, integrity, and reflective practices). This module is part-taught and part self-directed. The taught components of the module will help students to become effective undergraduate researchers, focusing on skills such as data collection and analysis, drafting/ editing and structuring a report. Whereas self-directed elements of the module will give the opportunity to students to plan and write an authentic research report in their discipline area and present findings via an oral presentation.

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Course Start Dates

  • International Foundation Programme - Law
    • Full-time: Online
  • International Foundation Programme - Law
    • Full-time: Online

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Course Information


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Throughout the programme there is a balanced mix of coursework, in-class tests and formal exams. Students are also assessed on their ability to work collaboratively and independently.

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To qualify for one of our three year Law degrees you'll need to achieve the following grades on this online course:

50% overall grade and 60% in the English module of the International Foundation Programme Law Online.

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Fees and Applying


Applications for all our undergraduate courses are open.

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September 2024 and January 2025:

The fee for this course is £8,250. A deposit of £250 is required.

This fee includes the cost of core text books and other learning materials, access to our online learning and library services.

Please note: this course is not eligible for student financial support from the UK Government because it is designed for international students only.



We have students from over 120 different countries throughout our campuses, with a dedicated team to help international students.

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