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Our merit-based scholarships are designed to support international students that have strong academic achievement.

International Bursaries

The University of Law offers bursaries to all non UK and non EEA students starting in September 2020 to August 2021 to help support with the cost of tuition fees.

All non UK and non EEA students will be eligible to receive an annual non-payable bursary. The bursary amount will depend on which course you are studying.


On Campus Courses (Full time courses only)

Course Bursary amount
International Foundation Programme £1,000.00
4 year LLB with Foundation £2,500.00
3 year LLB £2,500.00
2 Year LLB Accelerated £2,500.00
2 year LLB Senior Status £2,500.00
GDL £1,000.00
MA Law £1,000.00
LPC (Including accelerated) £1,000.00
BPC London/Leeds/Birmingham £1,000.00
BPC + LLM London/Leeds/Birmingham £1,500.00
Masters Programs in Law (LLM/MA/MSC) £2,500.00
4 Year BA Business with Foundation £3,000.00
3 Year BA/BSc £3,000.00
MSc Business Project Management £3,000.00
MSc Business Intelligence and Analytics £5,000.00
MSc Corporate Financial Management £5,000.00
MSc Cyber Security and Data Governance £5,000.00
MSc Digital Marketing £5,000.00
MSc Digital Sales and Marketing £5,000.00
MSc Financial Compliance and Governance £5,000.00
MSc International Marketing £5,000.00
MSc Leadership and HRM £5,000.00
MSc Strategic Business Management £3,000.00
MSc Global Accounting £3,000.00
MBA £5,000.00


Online Courses (Part time and full time courses)

Course January 2021 Fee Bursary amount
GDL £9,700.00 £1,000.00
MA Law £10,950.00 £1,000.00
LPC LLM £13,600.00 £1,000.00
Masters in Law (LLM/MA/MSC) £8,750.00 £750.00
MSc Corporate Financial Management £9,000.00 £750.00
MSc Global Accounting £9,000.00 £750.00
MSc Strategic Business Management £9,000.00  £750.00
MSc Project Management £12,000.00 £3,000.00
MSc Cyber Security & Data Governance £12,000.00 £750.00


There is no separate application process for the International bursaries. If you are eligible for the bursary you will be notified of your entitlement in your offer letter.

For more information on bursaries or to find out more about any upcoming international scholarships please email the international team on

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