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International Offers and Schemes

The University of Law is offering an Early Bird discount. The scheme offers a £500 discount on course fees to eligible international students who receive an offer on a qualifying course, accept their offer and pay the £3,000 course deposit before a specified date.

Qualifying Courses:

The Early Bird Discount applies to all courses except any online only courses

To be eligible for the Early Bird Discount you must:

  • Be an individual who meets the University’s admissions criteria as set out on the University’s website
  • have received an offer of a place on a Qualifying Course at the University
  • required to pay international fees for your Qualifying Course (where the international fees differ from domestic fees)
  • able to provide Satisfactory Evidence to show that you classify as an International Student; and
  • Required to apply for a student route visa and pay a deposit of £3,000 towards your Annual Tuition Fees for your Qualifying Course.
  • have accepted your place on the Qualifying Course and paid your course deposit (as set out in your Fee Schedule) by no later than the following date:
Intake Date
April 2023 28 February 2023
July 2023 13 May 2023
September 2023 31 May 2023


You do not need to make an application for the Early Bird Discount. If you meet the
Eligibility Criteria, the Early Bird Discount will automatically be applied to your University
Account and will reduce the remainder of the Annual Tuition Fees payable.

For more information, please email [email protected]

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