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International Offers and Schemes

If you an international student arriving in the UK in December 2023; January or February 2024 , The University of Law will reimburse you with up to £50 towards your taxi fare.

In order to benefit from this services you must meet the below requirements.

  • You must be a new international student who has enrolled at The University of Law in Jan/Feb 2024.
  • You must be able to provide a taxi fare receipt that proves the funds were used for the taxi journey from the airport to your accommodation.
  • You must email your completed BACS form, your taxi receipt and your flight details/confirmation to [email protected] within 4 weeks of your arrival to the UK.

BACS Travel Payment Request Form ➔

The University of Law is offering eligible international students an early bird discount of £500 on course fees, called the “International Early Bird Discount”, in relation to certain courses. You do not need to make an application for the International Early Bird Discount – if you are eligible as described below, you must accept and make the prepayment for your place by the date specified, and the discount will automatically be applied to your University Account.

Who is eligible for the International Early Bird Discount?

To be eligible for the International Early Bird Discount you must:

  • be an international student, which means someone who is a non-British national, who does not have a settled or pre-settled status and pays overseas tuition fees;
  • be required to apply for a Student Route Visa in order to study at the University; and
  • be required to pay £6,000 deposit toward your course fee before the dates provided below (this payment will either be required at the point you accept your offer or later in connection with your Student Route Visa application process).
Intake Acceptance Date
August - October 2024 28 June 2024
January – February 2025 27 October 2024
March 2025 1st December 2024
May - June 2025 16 March 2025


What courses qualify for the International Early Bird Discount?

The International Early Bird Discount applied to all courses except:

  • online only courses;
  • the US Bar Preparation course;
  • all SQE short courses;
  • any course with a duration of less than 6 months.

The International Early Bird Discount is subject to the International Early Bird Discount Terms and Conditions.

For more information, please feel free to get in touch at [email protected].