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Here are some resources that teachers can use in class, or that students can use at home to enrich their learning.

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resourcesCareer Podcast Series

Listen along to our podcasts with host Rik Palmer to learn more about different careers and get top tips from professionals.

Includes activities to convert these podcasts into practical lesson add-ons or independent research tasks.

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Career guidesFor students in Years 10-13

These handy careers guides include employability tips, examples of different jobs in each sector, and related course information. Find out about the two different types of lawyer, different areas of law, jobs within business such as Human Resources and Marketing, and much more.

FlippedLaw and the University of Law partnership

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The University of Law is delighted to announce our exclusive partnership with FlippedLaw. FlippedLaw provide high-quality, engaging, student friendly video lessons and worksheets to a growing audience of schools, colleges and students nationwide.

The partnership will allow students who want to study law the opportunity to receive support and assistance either whilst they are currently studying law or offering them support in applying to study law at University.

FlippedLaw is an ideal resource for students and teachers of A Level and BTEC Law alike, covering all A Level exam boards. It’s also very useful as a primer for those who are new to the subject and are considering studying Law at degree level.

Our detailed and accurate mini-lessons are a great way to get to grips with the complexities of the subject. Each video is accompanied by a worksheet designed to elicit understanding of the key points, and includes suggestions for wider reading to stretch and challenge students.

FlippedLaw is ideal for use by students prior to class, for consolidating a topic or for revision purposes.

To find out more, go to or email us at