MSc Global Accounting 

Award MSc Global Accounting
Locations London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Berlin, Online
On campus: 1 Year (full-time)
  Online: 1 Year (full-time), 21 months (part-time)
Next Start London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham: September 2020
  Berlin: April 2020, July 2020, September 2020
  Online: February 2020, June 2020, September 2020
Course Fees UK campuses

September 2020:

£9,000 (UK/EU) / £14,000 (International)

Course Fees Berlin

April 2020, July 2020:

€15,000 (UK/EU/International)

September 2020:

€15,500 (UK/EU) / €17,000 (International)

Course Fees Online

February 2020, June 2020:

£8,750 (UK/EU/International)

September 2020:

£9,000 (UK/EU/International)

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This degree is ideal for those with a strong numerical background who are particularly interested in a career in global accounting. It provides an in-depth knowledge of all the key aspects of accounting with a distinct focus on the global business environment. Students can choose to study the course on campus or online.

Our tutors combine a strong academic background with successful professional experience and will ensure that your research here is always combined with real, current business practices.

Students will have the opportunity to study modules in governance, social responsibility, risk management, banking regulation, corporate reporting, finance, and performance management. They will also learn the importance of team-work, communication and problem solving along with and all the current methods in research within their field. 


You can expand your study experience by rotating across our campus locations in the UK and Berlin. During your time at ULaw Business School, you can complete modules at alternative campus locations, returning to your ‘home’ campus to complete your final module. Visa restrictions and study conditions may apply, however you are supported throughout the rotation process. Contact us for more information about the Global Rotation option.


This course is designed for those who seek to secure, progress or transfer to a career in global accounting.

ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a leading international accountancy body recognised all over the world. Through our partnership with London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) The University of Law Business School offers students an opportunity to combine their academic degree studies with their ACCA professional qualifications to help you stand out in the job market.

Top-up for ACCA qualified students 

Our MSc Global Accounting is available as a top-up for students who are fully ACCA exam qualified, having completed all 13 papers. ACCA qualified students will just need to complete our Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility module in addition to the programme dissertation to be awarded with their MSc Global Accounting postgraduate degree.

MSc Global Accounting + ACCA bundle

Students can go on to study their remaining ACCA papers with LSBF after completing their MSc Global Accounting degree with The University of Law Business School. Student completing this bundle will be eligible to receive ‘The Leaders in Global Accounting Bursary’.


Business School Open Days

Come and meet us at one of our open days or at a number of our business experience events where you can take advantage of our excellent connections with the business world.


On-campus and online full-time students will study for one year, which is divided into two semesters and the summer period for the dissertation. Students will study four modules, each worth 30 credits, and another module worth 60 credits, totalling 180 credits. Students will submit their dissertation one year after the beginning of their course.

The course covers the following core modules:

  • Corporate Finance (30 credits)
  • Corporate Reporting (30 credits)
  • Strategic Management Accounting (30 credits)
  • Research Methods and Research Based Output (60 credits)

Students will also choose one of the following elective modules:

  • Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility (30 credits), or
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (30 credits), or
  • Global Auditing and Assurance (30 credits)


Corporate Finance

This module will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to understand the importance of investment and finance decisions. You will gain an essential understanding of corporate finance structure, including knowledge of instruments used by companies to raise finances and manage financial risk. A distinctive feature of this module is its focus on advanced financial management, building on current research, industry developments and input from practitioners in the fields of corporate finance.

Corporate Reporting

This module will teach you how to interpret financial reporting standards and statements so that you can effectively contribute to business performance and investment strategies. You will focus on the preparation and understanding of financial statements, as well as the global environment in which financial standards are designed, agreed upon and applied. You will learn how to carry out research in financial standards beyond the mechanics of preparing the financial statement reports.

Strategic Management Accounting

This module will teach you how to critically analyse and discuss any strategic management accounting issue. You will understand the various types of financial checking and control with an emphasis in the digital world and the ways you can use them to your benefit. You will learn how to effectively measure and maximise performance using special models and how to use different approaches to make profitable and ethical decisions. 

Research Methods and Research Based Output

This module will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to critically evaluate a business issue of your choice from a specialist perspective. You will learn how to utilise the necessary tools for research related activities in a professional environment, and gain the ability to investigate a complex business issue.


Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility

You will gain the ability to integrate the challenges of corporate governance with social responsibility. You will also develop a critical understanding of the ethical challenges faced by organisations and their employees. You will develop the skills to apply the principles of corporate governance and social responsibility to the development of competitive advantage, as well as managing the ethical issues that may arise in the global workplace.

Mergers and Acquisitions

This module will give you a comprehensive understanding of merger and acquisition strategies. You will learn how to make decisions to increase the value of an organisation and to effectively input information into valuation models. You will also consider the factors associated with private equity investments and how they achieve their goals through mergers and acquisitions.

Global Auditing and Assurance

This module will provide you with a deep comprehension of auditing and assurance in a global context, giving you the competitive advantage to be able to make decisions with international value. You will understand and analyse the standards of assurance and the efficiency of audit results. You will learn to apply risk assessment principles to different assurance and audit systems and ensure high quality, ethical administration and prevention of fraud within a global, digital business environment.

With this degree, students may consider entering careers such as management consultancy, accountancy, business analysis, or operations management.

Further education options include:

  • PhD
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Other professional accounting qualifications



The programme is delivered in an interactive way with a real-world focus, preparing you for the dynamic business environment you will face after you graduate. Learning takes places both in and outside the classroom environment, traditional lectures and workshops are combined with a wealth of online resources to ensure that you get the most out of the programme. Face-to-face learning is supported by online resources, including the Financial Times, case studies, simulations, learning videos, reading materials, online testing and feedback. For each 30 credit module, there will be a three hour workshop.


Students will be assessed in a number of ways throughout the duration of the programme. Assessment methods include assignments, presentations and examinations.


Students will receive their core textbooks free of charge. All programmes are supported by our Virtual Learning Environment, Elite. Elite will be your first point of call for academic information. In addition, you will gain access to our online library facilities, and learning resources from the Chartered Management Institute, the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Financial Times. These resources provide a range of professional and business-focused materials that represent up to date market trends, sector-based articles and analysis reports.


The University of Law Business School recognises the demands faced by students balancing study with other aspects of life. We are committed to providing you with the flexibility you need to successfully complete your course. Online students can therefore now choose to undertake the course over 12 months or on a part-time basis over 21 months.

As a part-time student you’ll still access the same high quality of teaching as your fellow full- time comrades. You’ll enjoy the same benefits as if you were studying full time with the only difference being that you’ll study one module at a time enabling you to balance studying with other commitments.

As an online student, you can access programme content and learning activities at any time, from any location. You’ll receive support, guidance, and careers advice throughout the course:

  • Professionally produced HD video lectures 24/7
  • Online forums where you can discuss new concepts with your tutors and fellow students
  • Student support services from The University of Law's Business School and our online learning provider, InterActive Pro

In addition to lectures and workshops for each module, students will benefit from interactive activities, group work and business tasks with a practical focus. Throughout the entire duration of the course, you will be supported by academic staff.

Students also have access to our online library facilities and learning resources from the Chartered Management Institute, the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Financial Times. These resources provide a range of professional and business based materials that represent the latest market trends, with sector-based articles and analysis reports.

All of your learning will take place on the Canvas platform, delivered by our online learning partner, InterActive Pro. Each unit you study consists of an introduction, video clips, extended reading, discussion questions, as well as a summary and consolidation.

As an online student, you will benefit from a range of innovative e-learning media that suits all learning types. You’ll receive the same quality tuition as our on-campus students, but with all the benefits of online flexibility.


The assessments are designed to meet the learning outcomes both academically and professionally. This involves seminars, workshops, tests, presentations, assignments, and exams. The programme involves a considerable amount of group work, group assessment and presentations that will take place online. Up to 25% of the assessment takes this form and will count towards your overall grade. 

You will be assessed in a variety of formats, including portfolio and instant feedback tasks, self-assessed quizzes. You will also participate in VoiceThread presentations, and questions paired with TED-Ed lessons. 

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