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Are you interested in practising law in Canada or a Canadian university graduate? Several of our LLB degrees have Canadian pathways offering modules in Canadian Law that will help prepare you for the Canadian NCA (National Committee on Accreditation) exams*.

We have trained more practising lawyers than anyone else in the UK and, as over 90% of our lecturers are qualified lawyers, our students learn how to apply law in practice and develop the transferable skills demanded by employers.

We have several courses at our London Bloomsbury campus offering Canadian law modules in ‘Foundations of Canadian Law’ and ‘Canadian Constitutional Law’.

‘Foundations of Canadian Law’ will give you a sound knowledge of the history, principles and main sources of the Canadian legal system, while the ‘Canadian Constitutional Law’ module concerns the history of Canadian Constitutional law and basic constitutional principles.


We have a growing number of students from Canada studying our courses and offer these two Canadian modules on the following courses:

LLB (Hons) Law (full-time three years) ➔

Accelerated LLB (Hons) Law (two years) ➔

LLB (Hons) Law Senior Status ➔

In order to take the JD Canadian pathway on each of these courses you should apply for your choice of the three courses offering these Canadian modules at our London Bloomsbury campus and then select the optional Canadian modules during your studies.

"I would definitely recommend The University of Law to other international students. The University has so much more to offer than just classes and the overall experience has been amazing. The administrative staff and the lecturers were always very helpful and provided great support. I plan on going back to Canada, where I will apply to take the NCA (National Committee on Accreditation) exams and then begin to practice the law in Canada."

Pamela Rekhi LPC student from Canada

*Important Notice: You are advised to make your own enquiries with any professional bodies to which you may seek admission, to determine whether you will meet all their requirements, including academic, character and suitability requirements. The University cannot be held responsible for any decisions subsequently taken by a professional body concerning these requirements.

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