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How to switch courses

With our CourseSwitch offer you can apply to change the undergraduate or postgraduate course you're on part way through your degree to a different option*

This gives you the opportunity to change the focus of your studies to fit your evolving interests and future career ambitions. For example, you could change degree from BA Business Management to BA Business Management with Marketing; or from full-time study to part-time.

You could also apply to change the duration of your course; for example, our law degrees range from a two year accelerated programme to the three year standard LLB course, and the four year Foundation degree option.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please be aware that any request to switch is not guaranteed and involves several checks before it can proceed, including there being space on your chosen course.

How it works

Start by discussing your plans via email with the Student Journey team to make sure that you are aware of all your options and that a transfer is the best route for you.

There are several checks that must be undertaken in order to transfer. On some courses you may be able to transfer during any term, in other cases you would transfer from the Spring or Autumn semester, to ensure that you do not repeat any teaching already taken.

Please submit your request to switch to the Student Journey team who will explore your request and send you the ‘Status Change Request’ form to begin the process.


  • There is no fee to switch course for the first time. For any subsequent switch, an administrative fee of £100 may apply.
  • Course fee payments and any liability must be up-to-date in order to transfer.
  • If you are funded by a student loan, you should check the impact of any course transfer with your loan provider.
  • If you elect to take a longer course (eg 3 year to 4 year), then you will have to pay for the additional year(s) studied.
  • If you are sponsored by a firm, then they will need to be informed.

Other considerations

If you have adjustments to accommodate, or any specific physical/learning need that may be impacted by the transfer, please consult our Disability and Inclusion Service before proceeding.

Depending on the change you are requesting, there may be additional fees due to changes in course type/study mode, as well as ramifications from any student finance agreements.

Please ensure you speak to the Student Journey team as soon as possible to get the details on feasibility and whether your course is eligible for CourseSwitch, and read the Transfers Policy for more information.

Information for visa-sponsored students

If you are studying at the University on a Student visa, any request to change course must be approved by the Visa Compliance Team. Some course changes are restricted by Home Office regulations and so it is important you discuss this with the Visa Compliance Team before making a decision.

Transfer to an online course is not permitted, as we are not allowed to sponsor students on a Student visa for online study under Home Office regulations.

Get in touch with the Visa Compliance Team via email


More information

If you have any questions about CourseSwitch, we’re happy to help. Just drop us an email.


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