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Digital Marketing Manager

What is a digital marketing manager and what do they do?

Digital marketing managers are responsible for online marketing strategies, which will often involve specific campaigns linked with one another rather than stand-alone projects. They will ensure buy-in across the business, consistency of message and will measure the impact of success against pre-defined criteria.

Digital marketing managers need a good knowledge of the technical aspects of the online business environment: SEO, analytics, social media, email marketing, web development, etc. They also need the management skills to oversee projects and people

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What are the different types of digital marketing manager?

Digital marketing roles might include:

  • CRM and e-mail marketing manager
  • Web manager
  • Social media manager.

While all digital marketing, the nature of the work can be hugely different across these areas.

What qualifications are needed to become a digital marketing manager?

While it is possible to work up to the position of a digital marketing manager without a degree, a relevant degree or postgraduate qualification is frequently sought by employers. Degrees in business and marketing offer a rounded perspective and will include elements of digital marketing, as it is so important to modern businesses. However, there are also dedicated digital marketing degrees which you may want to consider if this is the career for you.

At the University of Law, we offer these marketing degrees:

What skills do you need?

The role involves interaction with colleagues from across a business as well as a range of external stakeholders, overseeing projects and managing the digital work involved. Therefore, a wide range of skills are needed. In addition to technical skills prospective digital marketing managers will need:

  • The ability to persuade to get buy-in from others
  • An organised and methodical approach to work to oversee and manage campaigns
  • Adaptability and creativity
  • Commercial awareness and business acumen.

How do you become a digital marketing manager in the UK?

Digital marketers can find employment in all sectors. Many organisations will have inhouse marketing teams and may offer graduate entry roles into these. Alternatively, there will be marketing agencies which may be able to offer junior roles to get your first foot on the ladder.

How much does digital marketing manager get paid?

Entry level positions, such as a marketing assistant, will have salaries around £20,000 per year, which will increase with experience. Management responsibility brings an increase in earning potential with starting salaries closer to £30,000 rising significantly to anything between £35,000 - £66,000 depending on the organisations you work for.

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