• Strategic

  • With a heritage that dates back to 1876 and a solid reputation for innovation and excellence in teaching, we enjoy a position at the heart of legal services and have fostered solid connections with a growing list of leading organisations.

    We focus on developing and maintaining partnerships so that we can offer the best education and career opportunities for our students and to innovate in response to an ever-evolving legal landscape.

    Extensive connections with legal employers

    We have close working relationships with an impressive range of legal employers, from leading global law firms to the high street, barristers’ chambers, local government and in-house lawyers and work with 90 of the top 100 UK law firms, many of whom send their trainees and lawyers exclusively to us.

    Close links with professional bodies

    As a university specialising in legal education, we play an active role with a wide range of professional bodies. Our industry partners include:

    Innovative partnerships for educational provision

    We enjoy close working relationships with a number of key organisations, both UK-based and international. We have close links with IE Law School in Spain, the Singapore Institute of Legal Education and the Nigerian Law School. We also have strong working relations with the British Council and The College of Law, Australia.

    • International law firms need trained lawyers who are qualified to practise in more than one jurisdiction. Responding to this need, the University of Law works with IE University in Spain to offer the LLB (Hons) in Civil and English Law (LLB CEL).

      This pioneering programme serves the growing demand for cross-border legal professionals by awarding academic qualifications both from Spain and from England and Wales in one course.

      The LLB CEL is a dual-award degree built upon the pillars of Spanish and English law and includes both common and civil law training. It combines elements of IE University’s Bachelor of Law degree together with the Foundation Subjects of English Law provided by The University of Law. Successful students will be awarded both a qualifying Spanish law degree and a qualifying law degree in England and Wales.

      Students may choose to go on and study The University of Law’s Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC - for intending barristers) or Legal Practice Course (LPC - for intending solicitors) in order to practise as a solicitor or barrister in England and Wales.

      In summary, the LLB CEL programme ultimately enables students to be fully qualified to practise both in Spain and in England and Wales. 

      You can find out further information here.

    • We’ve worked with the Open University for many years to offer one of the UK’s most popular and innovative part-time, open-access law degree programmes.