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ULaw in your Classroom

We offer a wide range of talks, workshops and other events designed to help students find out about careers in law, criminology, business and policing for students ranging from year 10 – 13.

During pandemic

We appreciate that during this time it has been challenging to organise and run career and HE sessions. The University of law would like to support you in this. We have a range of sessions developed to deliver virtually in to your students. Contact us now to enquire about Ulaw supporting your students (contact details below).

Our sessions

Our experienced staff and student ambassadors can visit your school or college and deliver a range of interactive workshops to students in Years 12 and 13, Further Education Years 1 and 2, and parents/carers.

All our events and activities align to Gatsby Benchmarks 2, 4 & 7.

Our workshops and talks explore your students’ employability and skills development and are all free of charge. They are usually an hour long and run to class sizes of 20-50 students, however they can be tailored to your requirements.

Here are the events we offer at schools and colleges. To book, please contact one of our Student Recruitment Managers. You will find their contact details at the bottom of this page.

An in-depth look into an interesting but grizzly subject.

A look at real crimes and their legal and criminological effect on the world. We venture to different times with Jack the Ripper, Charles Ponzi, Gypsy Rose-Blanchard and more.

A dive into the world of business, and the environmental and social responsibilities that companies have. Using case studies to discuss and debate businesses that have been successful and those that have been less so.

A useful talk for developing commercial awareness in future entrepreneurs.

A unique look at copyright infringement and how a lot of very famous people have been accidentally caught out. This session has lots of debate, discussion and interaction.

From defamatory statements on twitter to breaches of employment contract on Facebook, we can show how very real legal cases and issues have arisen from the ever growing online world of social media.

Examines the roles of Lawyers, the Police, Criminologists and other associated professions in the criminal justice system to give students inspiration and direction. For those interested in the sector but unsure which path is right for them or just want to know more.

Our introduction to life in the world of business and commerceoffers insight into business degrees and the careers that follow. We cover what's on offer and look particularly at the pathways in the business world including an interactive taster on a real business case analysis.

In this session we help the students develop their personal brand. We give advice on how to promote their skills and experience, how to structure personal statements and CVs, and some helpful activities along the way.

Networking is one of the most important skills students need to develop when studying on a professional degree and later, in the work place. We will share our tips and insight into the world of online networking, including advice on setting up a LinkedIn profile.

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You can sign up to our newsletter by emailing our undergraduate team at undergrad@law.ac.uk to receive regular updates about the events we run and supporting information for the guidance of students careers and skills development.

Online event series

In light of the current situation we have moved all our events online to make sure you don’t miss out and we've had a great response from students and staff. Our Virtual Twilight Lectures alone have seen over 1000 students attend so far!

For Students: To see our list of upcoming events and to book a place, please visit our event page.

For Teachers and Advisors: You can book groups to attend our on campus events or to receive a virtual workshop from us by using your local recruitment team contact details below.

Careers and HE fairs

We would be more than happy to come and support your fairs and meet your students. We can send our experienced staff and students to come and speak with your students and advise them on next steps and the exciting possibilities of their future careers.

Meet the team

If you have any questions or enquiries about how we can support you and your students please contact us and let us know. You can find the best contact details for you below;


Contact: Katie Lake
Email: katie.lake@law.ac.uk
Telephone: 01483 218969


Contact: Claire Alderson
Email: claire.alderson@law.ac.uk
Telephone: 01483 405528


Contact: Beth Jobbins
Email: beth.jobbins@law.ac.uk
Telephone: 01483 216005


Contact: Chloe Warsop
Email: chloe.warsop@law.ac.uk
Telephone: 01483 405538

London Bloomsbury

Contact: Rik Palmer
Email: richard.palmer@law.ac.uk
Telephone: 01483 216690


Contact: Clare Tubridy
Email: clare.tubridy@law.ac.uk
Telephone: 01483 216409


Contact: Hannah Coe
Email: hannah.coe@law.ac.uk
Telephone: 01483 216356