Activities and Events

We offer a wide range of talks, workshops and other events designed to help students find out about careers in law, criminology, business and policing for students ranging from year 10 – 13.

For Teachers and Advisors: You can sign up to our schools and colleges newsletter by emailing our undergraduate team at to receive regular updates about the events we run. All our events and activities align to Gatsby Benchmarks 2, 4 & 7.

At our campuses

Here are the events we offer at the following campuses: Birmingham, Bristol, Guildford, Leeds, London Bloomsbury, Manchester and Nottingham. In light of the current situation we have moved all our events online to make sure you don’t miss out and we've had a great response from students and staff. Our Virtual Twilight Lectures alone have seen over 1000 students attend so far!

For Students: To see our list of upcoming events and to book a place, please visit our event page.

For Teachers and Advisors: You can book groups to attend our on campus events or to receive a virtual workshop from us by using your local recruitment team contact details below.

Events at our campuses

Want to find out what it’s really like to be a lawyer?

This event is designed to introduce you to legal career paths and studying law, through a combination of talks, taster workshops and other activities such as Q&A panel sessions. We run this event in March each year at our campuses.

Audience: Aspiring lawyers from years 10-13
Duration: 3 hours

Join us to unfold the facts and build the timeline of events surrounding the Stephen Lawrence case.

If you are considering Law, Policing or Criminology this event is an ideal way to find out more about what careers are available in these areas.


  • How would you piece the evidence together?
  • How would you put together the trial?
  • Why is the media so influential?

Audience: Students from years 10-13 who are interested in criminology, law or policing.
Duration: 10 - 12.30pm, 24 June 2020 OR 1 - 3.30pm, 25 June 2020

Interactive taster days to develop business knowledge, improve presentation and communication skills, and give opportunities to network with professionals. Our takeover days run in March and July at our Birmingham, Leeds, London, Manchester, and Nottingham campuses.

Audience: Students from years 10-13 who are interested in business.
Duration: One day

Our twilight lectures seek to answer real world questions. Building on bold, inquisitive minds, we equip students with subject knowledge to support their current study and provide an insight into what it is like to study a subject at degree level. ULaw tutors share professional knowledge and their own experiences to support students’ decisions around future careers.

Audience: Students from years 11-13 who are interested in the differing subject areas.
Duration: 1 hour

At schools and colleges

Our experienced staff and student ambassadors can visit your school or college and deliver a range of interactive workshops to students in Years 12 and 13, Further Education Years 1 and 2, and parents/carers.

Our workshops and talks explore your students’ employability and skills development and are all free of charge. They are usually an hour long and run to class sizes of 20-40 students, however they can be tailored to your requirements.

Here are the events we offer at schools and colleges. To book, please contact one of our Student Recruitment Managers. You will find their contact details at the bottom of this page.

A career in law

An insight into the exciting world of the legal profession. Explore the difference between a solicitor and a barrister, discuss how law affects all aspects of society and practice some of the skills needed for a possible career in law.

Law in action

Our Law in Action talk covers the careers of lawyers, the Police, criminologists and other associated professions to give them some inspiration and direction.

Business life

Our introduction to life in the world of business and commerce offers insight into business degrees and the careers that follow. We cover what’s on offer and look particularly at the pathways in the business world. This session includes an interactive workshop on a real business case analysis.

Murder file

An in-depth look into an interesting but grizzly subject. Viewing it from all angles; students will learn the legal definitions of murder and manslaughter, investigate a murder case, learn how lawyers defend their clients and look at the very real impact that criminology research has on the investigation and punishment of murder.

The trial of the selfie

A unique look at copyright infringement and how a lot of very famous people have been accidentally caught out. This session has lots of debate, discussion and interaction.

7 deadly sins of social media

From defamatory statements on Twitter to breeches of employment contract on Facebook, we can show how very real legal cases and issues have arisen from the ever growing online world of social media.

Fyre festival

A case study of the festival that never happened. Students will undertake a business SWOT analysis to evaluate what went wrong, examine some of the elements of theft; dishonesty and intent, and debate the crimes of the rich.

This practical workshop will give tips on how to write an effective personal statement and how students can make themselves stand out. We give practical tips on how to build up skills and knowledge before starting at university.

You can design the perfect tailored session for your students. Choose from the options below and we’ll do the rest.

Introduction (15 mins)

Tips on CVs
Personal Statements
Advice on both

Main activity (20 mins)

Commercial awareness
Public speaking
Interview skills
SWOT analysis

Plenary (5 mins)

Summary and questions

UCAS and regional fairs

In addition to running events on our campuses and going into schools, you can also find us at all the major UCAS fairs taking place across the country, as well as UK University Search, What Uni Live and skills events. We’re happy to speak to teachers and careers advisors as well as students, so if you would like to discuss what we offer face-to-face, we’d be delighted to see you.


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