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Criminology and Policing Faculty

Our criminology and policing academic team here at The University of Law are dedicated to bringing their industry expertise into the classroom. All our tutors have significant professional experience and qualifications and are committed to providing quality, inspiring education to drive your career forward. In addition to your subject tutors, you will also be assigned a personal tutor who is on hand to help guide you through the course.

Dr John Kerr
Head of Policing and Criminology

Dr John Kerr has been Head of Policing and Criminology at The University of Law since January 2022. Prior to joining ULaw, he was Deputy Head of Social Sciences at the University of Roehampton. Before becoming Deputy Head in 2017, he was the Course Director for the BSc Criminology programme. He has also worked at City, University of London and London South Bank University. Prior to becoming an academic, John taught English in Latin America and Spain. He also worked as an art installer in London and it was this job that fuelled a fascination in art crimes. John’s research interests are in policing and criminology. His monograph on the Securitization and Policing of Art Theft in London was published in 2015. He has also published articles and chapters in leading policing and criminology journals and books, spoken at national and international conferences, and appeared in the print and television media. He has taught, developed and led programmes in criminology, policing and other social sciences.

Jennifer Schmidt-Petersen, Policing Progamme & Student Lead at The University of Law London Bloomsbury
Jennifer Schmidt-Petersen
Policing Programme and Student Lead

Jennifer is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She has a BSc (combined Hons) in Psychology with Criminology and Master's Degrees in both Forensic Psychology and Investigative Psychology. She has previously served in the Metropolitan Police Service as a Police Constable and has successfully passed the National Investigators Exam (NIE). As an academic, Jennifer has extensive experience of teaching in Higher Education across criminology and psychology modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate level and has successfully published in the area of terrorism and counterterrorism.

Luke Hubbard, Head of Chriminology and Senior Lecturer at The University of Law London Bloomsbury
Luke Hubbard
Criminology Programme and Student Lead

Luke completed his BA undergraduate degree in Criminology at the University of Leicester in 2013, graduating with First Class Honours. This was followed by MSc in Criminology, Criminal Justice and Social Research at the University of Surrey, for which he achieved Distinction. Luke worked for two years as a researcher at the Institute for Public Safety, Crime and Justice where he sought to translate empirical research findings into policy and practice across a range of criminal justice agencies, before returning to the University of Surrey to undertake his PhD. Luke’s doctoral research explores the response of the criminal justice system, namely the police and probation service, to LGBT hate crime. During this time, he has also undertaken a range of other projects, whilst working as a researcher for GALOP, exploring the victimisation of LGBT people online and the needs and experiences of LGBT victims of crime.

Amelia Morris, Tutor at The University of Law London Bloomsbury
Dr Amelia Morris
Senior Lecturer (Sociology)

Dr Amelia Morris has published work on austerity, gender, neo-liberalism and inequality. She graduated from her PhD in Political Science from the University of Birmingham in December 2018. Prior to this, she completed an MA in Gender and Media from the University of Sussex and an undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Birmingham, achieving First Class grades in both. Her book, The Politics of Weight, was published in July 2019.

Angela Charles, Lecturer (Criminology) at The University of Law London Bloomsbury
Angela Charles
Lecturer (Criminology)

Angela completed her BA undergraduate degree in History and Criminology at the University of Essex in 2014, graduating with First Class Honours. This was followed by a MSc in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Oxford University in 2015. She is currently completing a PhD with the Open University which explores the experiences of Black women in UK prisons through an intersectional lens. Angela has worked within the criminal justice sector in a Secure Training Centre, the National Probation Service, and Youth Justice.

Dr Melayna Lamb, Lecturer at The University of Law London Bloomsbury
Dr Melayna Lamb
Lecturer (Criminology)

Melayna was awarded her PhD in 2019 from the University of Brighton for her thesis entitled On Order and the Exception: A Philosophical History of Police Power. The examiners recommended the doctorate be awarded summa cum laude to underline its exceptional quality. Melayna was a visiting scholar at Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, USA) in 2018 and she also holds a BA in International Relations and MA in Social and Political Thought from the University of Sussex. Her first monograph, based on her PhD thesis, is forthcoming with Bloomsbury. She is also the co-author of Policing the Pandemic: How Public Health becomes Public Order published December 2021 by Policy Press. Her work is interdisciplinary drawing on a range of disciplines and traditions that span political and legal philosophy, critical theory (broadly construed) and Black radical thought.

Rob Glassborow
Lecturer (Policing)

After serving in the Royal Air Force, Robert attained a degree in Communication Media at Manchester Metropolitan University and then entered work in broadcast media as a Project Manager. A calling to policing came and Robert left the media industry to enter policing, serving initially as Police Staff in the control room environment, as well as a Special Constable, before becoming a regular Officer. Serving with both North Yorkshire Police and British Transport Police (BTP), Robert has experience in response policing, neighbourhood policing, and was one of the initial pro-active officers on the BTP County Lines task force commissioned by the Home Secretary in 2019 dealing with modern day slavery and the safeguarding of vulnerable persons. Qualified in the Certificate of Knowledge in Policing, Diploma in Policing, and passing the NPPF 2 Sergeants exam, Robert left BTP as a Sergeant to join ULaw on the policing degrees as a Lecturer.