• About The University of Law

    The University of Law is one of the world’s leading professional law schools and we’ve been training lawyers for over 100 years.

    What makes The University of Law different?
    • The professional nature of our law degrees: ideal grounding for careers in law as well as business, banking, finance, the civil service, etc.                
    • Employability focus: built in, timetabled employability sessions and the full support of our highly regarded Careers and Employability Service
    • A unique combination of academic rigour and practical skills
    • Taught in a realistic, professional environment
    • All our tutors are qualified lawyers
    • A choice of seven campuses around the UK for our law degree
    How can we help you?

    The University is dedicated to supporting and helping school and college students to make their future decisions. We’re on hand to attend fairs and parents evenings, we run workshops or deliver talks to demystify careers in and the study of law. Find out what’s on offer for your students in our Events section.

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    • Each Campus has a dedicated Student Recruitment Manager with whom you can discuss your students needs and what we can do for them, as well as organising bespoke events either on campus or, subject to availabilty, in your school.

       Campus  Contact  Telephone Mobile 
       Birmingham Beth.Jobbins@law.ac.uk 01483 216005  
       Bristol Hayley.Mason@law.ac.uk  01483 216276   07875 558 397   
       Chester Carl.Griffiths@law.ac.uk   01483 216954   07811 528 099 
       Guildford Hannah.Pike@law.ac.uk    01483 216356 07891 137 117 
       Leeds Stephanie.Amor@law.ac.uk    01483 216077 07816 453536 
      London Bloomsbury  Jonathan.Walsh@law.ac.uk  01483 216 612
      07831 818 008
       Manchester Katherine.Meehan@law.ac.uk    01483 216854 07790 541 871

  • I chose The University of Law because it's so focused. It's almost vocational. You're learning to think like a lawyer rather than learning the law.

    Matthew Hooker, LLB student, The University of Law London Bloomsbury
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