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London Moorgate

Students studying at our London campuses can access the full range of supervised pro bono opportunities offered across both our sites. These take place either on campus, with external organisations or supervised remotely to include our part time and online students. Below are details of some of the programmes we have run in London.

Day with a Judge
Students meet with Court staff to prepare roles for a mock trial before a District Judge in the London Central County Court. This experience gives you the valuable opportunity of seeing how a Judge decides a case and involves planning their time, reviewing a case and rehearsing, as well as gaining knowledge of Court procedure.

Legal advice clinic (LAC)
This is a free legal advice service, run by student advisors under the supervision of solicitors, for members of the public who need support with family law or social welfare law in areas such as employment disputes. Students usually interview clients in pairs or threes, to obtain details of the case and then work together to produce a letter of advice.
Whilst working in the legal advice clinic you can gain insight into the workings of a legal practice and have the chance to give much needed help to members of the community. This opportunity will help you to gain interviewing, legal research, case analysis, drafting and file management skills through first-hand experience.

Our telephone advice clinic for family and employment matters involves students obtaining details from the client prior to the Supervising Solicitor giving advice. As the student you would then shadow the solicitor, advising the client and write up an attendance note.

Employment Litigants in Person
Students volunteer at The Employment Lawyers Association’s advice service and have the opportunity to help interview and advise clients, assist with tribunal paperwork and help prepare them for hearings.

Streetlaw Programme
This is an innovative legal literacy scheme where students work directly with schools, community groups and prisons. During this programme you would devise and deliver workshops on different areas of law including social enterprises, welfare rights, rights on arrest, education law, employment law, company law and fundraising. Streetlaw also runs a mock trial scheme called 'Your day in court', where students work with school pupils on a Magistrates’ and Crown Court case.

By taking part in this opportunity you can discover how the law impacts on everyday life as well as taking the time to develop your skills in legal research, preparation of presentations, time management, client care, file management and communication.

Streetlaw Library
We also run a Streetlaw Library that involves students preparing legal information in leaflet form to give to current clients of the Legal Advice Centre, as part of the Employment Tribunal Litigant in Person’s scheme which helps them progress their case themselves where necessary.

Your participation in this programme requires creativity, research and drafting skills to prepare a document that a layperson can understand, whilst maintaining accuracy for legal content and procedure.

Pro Bono and Work Experience

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