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Public Relations Officer

What does a Public Relations Officer do?

Public relations (PR) is about managing reputation. A career in PR involves gaining understanding and support for your clients, as well as trying to influence opinion and behaviour. The communication of key messages, often using third party endorsements, to defined target audiences aims to establish and maintain goodwill and understanding between an organisation and its public.

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What skills does a Public Relations Officer need?

  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and writing skills
  • Persistence and determination
  • Flexibility and willingness to learn
  • Initiative
  • Ability to multitask and cope under pressure
  • Excellent organisational and time management skills
  • The ability to present
  • Good analytical and problem solving skills
  • The ability to prioritise and plan effectively
  • A thorough approach to work and attention to detail
  • Business awareness and knowledge of current affairs
  • The ability to sell products and services
  • Knowledge of media production and communication
  • Awareness of different media agendas
  • The ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure
  • Creativity and imagination
  • The ability to work well with people from different departments such as sales.

How do I become a public relations officer?

There are no set qualifications to work as a public relations officer, however, an undergraduate degree in public relations, journalism or business related fields could be beneficial. Gaining experience with PR campaigns and media management during your studies via work placements or summer internship opportunities could also help future job applications. 

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What does a public relations officer do on a daily basis?

  • Writes, edits and arranges various communications for distribution
  • Addresses clients, journalists, individuals and target audiences through meetings, presentations, the media and other events to enhance the public image of an organisation
  • Develops and implements tools to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of communications
  • Discusses issues around business strategy, products, services and target client base and implements strategies for improvement in these areas when necessary.

How much does a Public Relations Officer make?

Graduates can earn between £18,000 and £24,000 depending on their location and the type of company they work for. PR officers with experience can earn up to £40,000. Senior PR management officers can earn up to £100,000.

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