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Fee Status Classification

Fee Status

Tuition fees are set at different levels for Home and International students. The rules about who pays ‘home’ fees for higher education courses in England are set by the Government’s Department for Education and are set out in the following sets of regulations:

The Admissions Department will carry out a Fee Assessment based on the information and facts that you provide at the time of your initial application to the University. Information about how the fee assessment outcome is determined is available on the UKCISA website - The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) is the UK's national advisory body serving the interests of international students and those who work with them.

The onus is on individual students to satisfy the institution that they meet the criteria to be classified as Home status for the purpose of fees.

Eligibility and Exceptions

The Government has confirmed that EU nationals applying for a place at University in the UK for courses starting the academic year of 2021/22 will no longer be eligible for Home fee status. If you are an EU national with pre-settled/settled status you are likely to be eligible for Home fee status, otherwise the International fees will apply.

Further information regarding eligibility for Home fees can be viewed here:

If you will start your course before 1 August 2021 ➔

If you are going to start your course on or after 1 August 2021 ➔

Appealing Fee Status

If after consulting the UKCISA website and reading all the information, you believe that the University should reconsider your fee status please send an email confirming the reason you believe you have been incorrectly assessed along with supporting documentation to [email protected].

International students requiring further information on visas and immigration can contact the Student Immigration, Compliance and Advice Department.