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Editorial Team

Meet our editorial team, a passionate group of content creators with a range of specialisms across copywriting, content writing, and SEO optimisation. Our team’s expertise also extends across multimedia content from blogs, articles, and brochures to podcasts and videos. Read more about them here:

Bronwen Latham
Brand Content Executive

Digital content creator Bronwen manages and produces our podcasts.

Cara Fielder
Brand Content Executive

Cara comes from a publishing background, where she focused on genre fiction and comics.

Elena Carruthers
Brand Content Executive

Elena obtained her undergraduate and master’s degree in English Literature & Language from The University of Nottingham, going on to a career in digital marketing and copywriting, as well as working as a freelance writer and journalist.

Elsa Tatam
Brand Content Executive

Elsa is a brand content executive with a mixture of agency and in-house experience within digital marketing, alongside expertise across PR and social media.

Grant Longstaff
Brand Content Executive

Grant Longstaff is a content creator for The University of Law. He has a PGCE in Further Education and experience in career advice and guidance, especially among young people, which informs much of his blog writing. 

April Baniqued
Brand Content Executive

April obtained a First Class Honours undergraduate degree in Creative Writing from The University of Portsmouth, going on to a career in digital marketing and copywriting, as well as running her personal vlog.